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Reasons to Use Multiple SMTP Relay for Email Marketing

January 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In today’s world, all highly experienced email marketers continuously focus on three segments: prolific performance, persistent engagement, and high ROIs but with just one email service provider, their accomplishments get restricted. Thus, by load-balancing many email service providers, these three elements are well optimized, fewer mistakes, and there are high revenues. In the past few years, email marketing with Multiple SMTP relay has become a more profitable element for all types of businesses. 

However, it is also a combined medium as a large number of service providers are working hard to confine one’s business. Nowadays, users have various options like full-service ESP (SmartFocus or ExactTarget); Cloud SMTP relay service which can be Amazon SES, SendGrid, or Dyn; On-premises SMTP solutions, for example, PowerMTA and others. 

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol allows users to send email messages through their email account using their current email service. With the use of multiple SMTP Relay, users can take advantage of ISP bottlenecks and access their professional-looking email address from any desired service. This blog will clarify your doubts on why you should consider using multiple SMTP relays for email marketing. 

5 Reasons to Use Multiple SMTP Relay for Email Marketing    

With multiple SMTP relay service providers, marketers can reach more objectives, strengthen email campaigns, and more.

1. Strengthen Your Customer Engagement With The Bulk Email Server Provider

Bulk email server services are a cost-effective and reliable way to generate massive revenue and grow your online business. A bulk email server not only lets you contact new customers but also maintains relationships with existing customers. Such services offered by any dedicated email server hosting provider have different functions. These are combined with various reporting tools that help in tracking important standards. 

2. Track Your Email Marketing Cost

Multiple email service providers will help the professionals to efficiently split the costs and invest the right amount in the right service. Instead of spending a lot of money on just one SMTP service provider, it is better to split and balance the expenditure by accessing multiple SMTP relays for email marketing.

3. Perfect Email Delivery And Performance 

email delivery tool

More SMTP relay means more reach for email marketing, which helps to improve the delivery and performance of email marketing. SMTP relay checks the email’s contingencies through various mediums. This act of process improves the reliability of email delivery and IPs reputation.

4. Allows Businesses To Send Large Numbers Of Emails

Internet service, email service, and shared web hosting service providers set email limits for each of their clients so that their outgoing mail servers can be used to send spam. SMTP relay services, on the other hand, allow clients to send large amounts of email per day.

SMTP relay also gives a huge benefit to you if your business has a domain that needs a two-factor authentication tool and a welcome email for each new customer on your mailing list.

5. Reduce Errors And Redundant Features 

Last, but not least, redundancy helps prevent costly mistakes. In email marketing, the experienced have to pay a heavy price for errors. With the proper grip of multiple SMTP, errors are reduced. Experienced email marketers cannot ignore SMTP outages, although they are very rare. When deliverables are at their top, and an SMTP outage occurs, marketers are at serious risk.

Hence, with multiple SMTP relays for email marketing, marketers are satisfied with their email strategy and can reach out to their prospects at the right time.

In addition to outages, there may be a temporary drop in delivery and performance across segments.

If an SMTP provider encounters problems when delivering to a Gmail or Yahoo address, having another SMTP ready for display immediately is an efficient way to fill in the blanks and ensure that all leads receive correspondence. With this, redundancy allows email marketers to reduce mistakes and make the most of revenue.

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Conclusion: SMTP Relay Service for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common tool that can deliver huge profits if done in the right way. By using multiple SMTP Relay for Email Marketing, marketers can improve returns from their email activities, reach prospects and leads and engage customers. 

With multiple SMTP service providers, you are set to get high returns, leverage better performance, and minimize mistakes. The SMTP relay needs a server to run and manage the mailing requirements. If you need a mailing server for your SMTP relay, you can opt for an offshore dedicated server

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