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What is the difference between SMTP server, SMTP relay, and SMTP service?

July 7, 2022, Written by 1 comment

In an email campaign, there are certainly various foolproof things to keep in the line for effective process. Those can be anything from SMTP server and managing subscriber lists to SMTP Relay services and monitoring and reporting. 

The success of email deliverability and email productivity strictly depends on the SMTP server performance. Deeper, SMTP relay and SMTP relay service. 

Today in this blog, we will discuss these three SMTP campaign titles, in a brief. 

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What is SMTP Server? 

Simply, it abbreviates as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol that works as a postmate when it comes to email deliverability. 

In the concept of electronic mail transmission, it acts as a process of email exchange. In simple words, it works as a communication intimidator handling the task of sending a message from one server to a different server and making it land at its destination, support of SMTP relay and its service. 

SMTP Server and SMTP Relay

What is SMTP Relay?

SMTP relay is also a type of MTA server i.e. Mail Transfer Agent that has a work of pushing your email a bit closer to its destination – the finish line. When SMTP servers receive the action of intent (receive the sending requesting), the server further transmits the job of sending mail to SMTP relay which makes the right job done. 

In one statement, “An SMTP relay service guarantees that sent emails arrive in their recipients’ inboxes” – Mail Channel

What is SMTP Relay Services? 

Many people get a bit bland in this term ‘SMTP relay’ and ‘SMTP relay service’…! 

But both are slightly different. However their call of duty is the same, but in unlike ways. 

Here SMTP relay service is mostly used in bulk mail sending. The server is activated when you’re sending bulk emails say twenty, fifty, or even more than hundred. 

SMTP Relay is a service that directs a route email through a trusted 3rd party to deliver your bulk email. Sending bulk emails like newsletters and transactionals emails (delivery confirmations, passwords reset, etc). 

Benefits of SMTP Email Server

Powering your email server will help in delivering maximum emails into the receipt inbox. If your mail server is not monitored or configured properly, then may sure, your email gets hit in the trash, that no-one notices. 

Following are the benefits of right SMTP email server: 

  • Helps in sending unlimited emails.
  • Gives you a dedicated IPs address for the well functioning of emails.
  • A good SMTP server provider also gives you the option to send email in multi-format templates. 
  • A powerful smtp server will guarantee you inbox delivery. 

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