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Expert Advice To Buy SMTP Server For Email Marketing

February 7, 2022, Written by 0 comment

According to the survey, it was found that 40% of businesses that didn’t own an SMTP server are failing in their email marketing campaign. 

It is often good to say that email marketing success is interdependent on the level of the SMTP server you have. 

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, in short SMTP, is a part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. SMTP is responsible for forwarding your emails from the receipt list to the receiver.

Setting up your own SMTP server gives you freedom from the limitations facing the free SMTP server providers such as Google Gmail and yahoo. 

Let’s look into this in brief…/

Types of SMTP Server

In the email marketing world, the SMTP server is extremely classified into two distinct. 

1) Free SMTP Server 

Google and Microsoft mailing services are good examples of free SMTP servers. They are good and offer brilliant features when it comes to sending a limited number of emails over a week or months. 

Unfortunately, they fail to offer extreme support when we talk about bulk email marketing. It gives you the limitation of sending a large number of emails in a day. 

2) Paid SMTP Server

Alternately, you can look forward to using and setting up your own SMTP server at an affordable rate. There are many SMTP server providers in UAE that offer extensive support, robust features, and free configuration benefits when going for a paid SMTP server. 

In the paid SMTP server scenario, the limitation of sending emails per day is extremely gone. It gives you the flexibility to send hundreds or even thousands of emails with detailed reports and dedicated IPs which also improves your sending reputation at will.

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Buying SMTP Server: Listen To This Expert Advice!

Buying an SMTP server could be easy but choosing the best SMTP server in UAE could be a daunting task. 

So, here, I’ve mentioned some expert advice that would help you buy an SMTP server for email marketing confidently. 

  1. Read Features

SMTP servers offer great features to the marketer and are absolutely bound to use them again and again. A good SMTP server detonates emails with supportive actions that result in better outcomes. 

A good SMTP server comprises features like – 

  • Sending a large number of emails
  • Multiple dedicated IPs
  • Elegant design email templates 
  • The latest use of email server technology
  • Live 24 hours by 7 days quick support
  1. Try Before Buy

The second piece of advice I recommend you to follow strictly. There are many SMTP servers that are ready to exploit you. May offer you great features and functions but they are not transparent or stand against their promises. 

So, I firmly recommend you to follow this “Try Before Buy” which means go for a trial before opting for someone else’s plans and pay later when it sounds good to you. 

  1. Check Security

In the days of cybersecurity, it has often become important to look into privacy and security at glance. No one wants to be manipulated or witness cyber fraud. 

When you are paying for an email marketing server, it is critical to have strong encrypted security against your IP address and server configuration. Time4Servers uses the latest latency software and practices to reduce the deceit and deliver a 100% secured SMTP server.

  1. Level of Support

Certainly, there is a moment when you feel you need technical support. And by all that, you must get quick support from the chosen provider. 

However, the SMTP server is technical because it requires professionals to configure your server and make it live for working by deploying it onto a whole new web server. 

In case you are facing troubleshooting, the only solution is talking to some experienced people, and there comes a level of support for discussion. 

  1. Check Pricing Plans

Typically, an SMTP server for email marketing is associated with high costs because of features, support, and management. 

After going through everything from exploring features to trial mode, buy an SMTP server that suits your pocket and plans that sound connect to your needs. 

In the end…

Time4Servers SMTP Server for Email Marketing is a perfect choice for your email campaign needs. It is affordable, pocket-friendly, and offers a complete solution. See our pricing plans here

SMTP Server Provider In UAE

Time4Server is a leader in the field of Email Marketing and Bulk Mailing Server Deployment. They are the best SMTP Server Provider in Dubai (UAE) and have delivered more than 1000+ SMTP servers to their clients. 

Additionally, Time4Server offers cheap SMTP server plans in the UAE that are easy to buy and available for every size of business. 

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