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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence-Based Android Apps in 2024

January 20, 2024, Written by 0 comment

Mobile phones and Artificial intelligence are probably the two most promising factors for the future growth of humankind. These two things are revolutionising the way to interact and express in the modern world.

Artificial Intelligence

This gets elevated when the integration of these two powerful technologies takes place, which we are going to discuss in this article. In this article, we will discover the top 10 AI based android apps that offer unprecedented levels of personalization for seamless user experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a way to engage human emotions with technology to create a more effective environment and to support humankind. It encompasses technologies like machine learning and natural language processing, enabling computers to learn from data, adapt, and make decisions. 

Artificial Intelligence

Here, Artificial intelligence is expected to shape industries and daily life. Healthcare to entertainment, by enabling machines to perform tasks that require human-like thinking and problem-solving. Its rapid advancement promises a future where technology interacts seamlessly with human needs and enhances various aspects of our world.

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 Google Assistant 

Starting with the very famous Google virtual assistant, which has become smarter and more intuitive tasks out there. This application takes command in any language whatsoever and responds with related information and data to the respective audience.

Android authority

This interface has made research and gathering of information very easy and lucrative in the modern world, and a lot of people rely on it. You can ask any information to this interface such as weather updates, directions, and personalised recommendations for your convenience.


For featuring better versions of your pictures, this android app allows you with some of the best features possible. With this AI integrated application, one can enhance facial features of a picture including the prospects like age transformation, hairstyle changes, and even the ability to change genders in photos.

Face app

This has elevated the niche of expression through visuals. And Gets counted in the top 10 AI applications of 2023

SwiftKey Keyboard

Another AI based application that helps you with your writing jobs get done as effectively as possible. SwiftKey Keyboard reads the way you write, and then provides suggestions to your writings. Here, this application also suggests emojis to its users.

Swift keyboard

The reason this application is in the list of top AI based applications is because of its effectiveness with writing official letters, emails, and other necessities.


Here, this application provides a way out to the loneliness among the audience. Replika is an AI chatbot that engages in meaningful conversations and provides emotional support as well as information to the audience.

With this feature in an AI interface, this application has been useful in many of the prospects of human development. Including better healthcare, education, and mental well being.

Artificial Intelligence

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Moving with the list of top 10 AI based applications, we have Cortana which helps with tasks, appointments, and reminders. This AI integrates with the Microsoft Office and helps enabling seamless scheduling and document management.

Artificial Intelligence

With something as effective as this, one can easily manage their tasks and appointments, which in short helps to create a productive environment around.


Wll! Another AI based application that stands on top of this list of best AI based applications is the Otter. Ai, which is a platform that transcribes the speech. 

otter ai

This AI application has been designed to help professionals, students, and journalists to ease their jobs, and to help them carry out their operations. The platform provides accurate and real-time transcriptions for meetings, interviews, and lectures in a very short time and effort.

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HealthifyMe is an AI powered application that helps in designing a perfect healthy lifestyle for your and your loved ones. It creates personalised diet and workout plans, tracks your meals, provides nutritional insights, and adapts routines based on your progress.

Case study


With this platform on the rise, one can easily get into shape. And can fit and healthy no of time.

This particular AI based app is entertaining as well as scaring at the same time. Reface allows users to swap faces in images, and helps them make it seem real. This was designed to be a Platform which later emerge as a great threat to society.

Artificial Intelligence

A number of vicious activities have been reported in recent times. And platforms like Reface are highly used by cyber bullies and blackmailers. 


Another AI powered application that counts in the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Based Android Apps of 2024 is FaceTune, which enhances the level of beauty in a picture. From smoothing skin to adjusting facial features, this app offers a range of tools for perfecting your photos.

Artificial Intelligence

With this, no one has ever had to think about their scars, imperfections, or the quality of their cameras. As everything gets take care of by this platform.


The last in this list of top 10 AI based applications. We have Socratic which helps students with their homeworks and learnings out there. This platform takes queries in the form of visual expressions and then provides results to those queries.

Artificial Intelligence

Socratic is a huge advancement in the field of learning by being a substitute to the high paid courses and mentors.


The year 2024 will be mark as one of the most significant years. In the development of machines and humans out there. It is going to start a long road ahead, full of prosperity and advancements.

As AI continues to evolve. We can only anticipate even more and groundbreaking. Android applications in the years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can AI transform ordinary photos into works of art on Android apps?

Yes, there are AI based apps that convert normal images into artworks by a perfect combination of the famous artworks and the user’s request. 

What does do for Android users? transcribes the speech which with the traditional ways took a lot of effort and time. This reduces hassle and gets. The job done in no time spent.

Which Android app uses AI for selfie enhancement?

FaceTune employs AI-powered facial recognition to enhance and retouch selfies, offering tools for skin smoothing and adjusting facial features.

Are there more AI-based Android apps beyond the top 10 listed?

The landscape of AI-based Android apps is continuously expanding, with developers leveraging AI to create a diverse range of applications.

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