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Tips to create engaging Ecommerce Newsletters

January 13, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Newsletters are most commonly everywhere. Newsletters have been the most trusted and reliable setup for company communication and marketing. But, when it comes to eCommerce, eCommerce newsletters become a different marketing tool for marketers. 

So, once you learn about the eCommerce newsletter and strategies, you’ll get many benefits from this marketing tool. The key point is knowing your customer well. Creating an engaging newsletter requires understanding the line between informational and sales-focused.

Below, we’ll walk through the steps of creating engaging eCommerce newsletters that sell, why eCommerce newsletters are important for your business, why email-marketers think that newsletters are far more effective, and more selling points for businesses, whether the business is in start-up time or already well established.

Here are some smart ways to create more engaging Ecommerce Newsletters!

Design Your Newsletter 

Making your newsletter more engaging is a big move, using different types of email templates. Include a section where you want to have all the information about your brand, but at the same time creating a highly informative section can be boring, so make your information concise and engaging, add links to the full article, so your reader can learn more on your landing pages or blog post.

Add Videos In Your Email-Newsletter

Video is gaining popularity as a medium of content usage. Almost every company that uses video for marketing purposes sees 40-45% increased traffic to their sites. But adding videos is not enough, quality matters – consumers are most likely to have a negative perception of a brand that provides poor quality content.

add video in ecommerce newsletter

There are many ways to design your videos in your email newsletter.

  • Use an image with a “play” controller and link it to the actual video source in your website, blog, or any social platform.
  • Use an animated GIF created from your video in an email that links to the actual video source.
  • Embed the actual video in the email so customers can watch it without needing to go anywhere else.

Make Content For Your potential Audience, Not For You

Like any good content, make sure you’re making your newsletter for your audience, not for you. Make it interesting and relevant to them, and it will add value to the relationship among your audience.

Focus on offers and competitions 

The key to marketing and selling is to give free stuff and offers. People mostly care about what you are offering and why they should buy your products, so placing offers on your products is part of marketing strategies. You can use free shipping, scratch cards, buy one get one free offer, and much more to drive your audience to your brands. To get the most out of your campaigns, get creative and provide users with a unique online experience.

Create attractive and bold headlines 

The only way newsletters (or any message) have an audience is when it talks to them. Your audience is more likely to open the newsletter if the subject line/headline is attractive and bold. Make your newsletter or article worth reading to show respect for your audience’s time.

Be Consistent And Make It Helpful

It’s important to be consistent by sending out your newsletter on the same day each week and adding useful information to it. Are you telling your audience about important dates they should know about (event sign-ups, upcoming sales, etc.) or answering a question they have? Make it helpful and relevant to their immediate needs and interests.


The eCommerce email newsletter design process requires a lot of testing to see what works best for your business. Design emails with a focus on the flow of email, where customers should be looking ahead, and openness to continuing to test new strategies.

If you do this, you will see that your open rates increase, and your email marketing will soon generate a healthy ROI for your e-commerce business. 

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