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How to improve your email response rate by 320 percent?

February 11, 2022, Written by 0 comment

When you are a digital marketer or playing a role in sales, marketing development, or PR, chances are that you send a lot of emails and the email response rate is matters.

Sending a lot of emails…! 

Email marketing isn’t just about sending bulk emails, rather it is a practice of improving business productivity and bringing more sales. 

So, how to make sure people read them and respond? 

The basic rule of thumb is to practice…! Email marketing is all about practicing emails to land the recipient inbox. 

If your emails are not landing at the destination, possibly you’re missing something out, and you need to learn from them. 

What are email response rates and are they important?

Email response rate aka email reaction rate refers to the measurement of how often subscribers reply directly to your email campaigns. A good email response rate indicates the overall performance of email marketing. However, most marketers have a similar engagement funnel: 

  • Open rates: An estimation of the number of messages your supporters open in an email crusade. 
  • Click rates: An estimation of the number of supporters who click on pictures and connections in your email crusade. 
  • Transformation rates: An estimation of objective arranged activities taken by your supporters. 
  • Reaction rates: An estimation of how frequently endorsers answer straightforwardly to your email crusades. 
  • Unsubscribe rates: An estimation of the number of supporters who decided to withdraw from your email crusades.

If you ask me…what is a good email response rate? 

Typically, not all email opt-in subscribers may check your emails and respond directly. On average, if your email campaign achieves 10% of the email response rate then it is good. 

However, that depends on several factors. Three factors that determine marketing metrics are:

  • Audience: An email practice for a huge, different crowd is bound to see higher email reaction rates than a mission to a more modest, specialty crowd. 
  • Content: An email campaign that depicts another item or incorporates a study can produce higher email reaction rates than conventional substances like a newsletter. 
  • Industry: An email crusade from the B2C business will see distinctive email reaction rates rather than crusades from the B2B business.

Remember! A good rule of thumb is to monitor how your open rates stack up in your industry. In the event you have higher open rates, you can firmly expect to see a higher response rate. 

How To Improve Email Response Rate? 

Time4Servers, encounter such kinds of questions frequently from its clients and subscribers. 

We then answer them with a practical solution…! Here’s the top way to ensure your emails get noticed, open, and get clicked for natural action that invites more business. 

No.1 – Start by improving your email subject lines

The subject line matters more than anything else…! 

It is because the user sees it first and thereby anticipates action accordingly. 

Simply put, improving your subject line will increase email open rates. If your subject line doesn’t sound amazing, people won’t even open your emails.

Remember these steps while drafting the subject line: 

  • Make your subject lines personal.
  • Avoid asking questions in your subject line.
  • Keep your subject lines short.

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No.2 – Then improve the content of your emails

What is inside your email must excite your audience…! 

Ensure the authenticity of your content to its natural form. Don’t overpromise or create bias. Focus on creating an engaging and encourage-kind message of information that triggers them to read and better understand your emails, eventually increasing their response rate.

Here’s how to improve your content: 

  • Make email content as personal as possible.
  • Introduce yourself and what you do.
  • Keep the messaging simple and short.
  • Explain what’s in it for them. What are the pain points you’re solving?
  • Use language that makes your offering sound exclusive or intriguing.
  • Build credibility. Don’t make blunt statements.
  • Have a clear Call To Action (CTA)

No.3 – At last, improve the format of your emails

With the increased opening of emails on portable devices, it is often essential to check your email design for portability. 

Email design and format must be conceptualized considering work on any device whether the user opens it on its browser, tablet, smartphone, etc. 

Your emails need to look professional and hand-crafted from a real person!

Here’s how to avoid bad email formatting:

  • Remove most formatting.
  • Make sure to add your professional signature i.e. logo and email signature. 

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With these adjustments to your messages, you ought to be seeing your reaction rates increment. Continuously test distinctive information and changes to track down the sweet spot for your target recipients.

At Time4Servers, these tips have assisted us with improving the change rate by 320% for our customers. 

There’s consistently an opportunity to get better with regards to open and reaction rates, so remember that mentality and keep following your outcomes over the long run.

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