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Ultimate Guide to choose Reliable SMTP Servers & Relay Services

February 10, 2022, Written by 0 comment

The email is the most common and holistic digital (internet-use) mailing system which is still quite popular. The popular way is SMTP Relay Service. Try Now with Time4servers.

But, did you ever wonder how email works? I mean how it travels and how the other person receives it in a second.

What do we know about email delivery so far? 

Only this, we draft and enter the sender address and click on the send button – that’s all. 

Actually, it’s the only index you know at glance. 

Behind the scenes, when you hit the send button to send your email, a protocol (entity1) is active that collects your message and uploads it to the common center, after this, another protocol (entity2) retrieves that message and transfers it to a different server for delivery purpose. 

Those protocols can be an independent system majorly called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and is essentially the backend system that helps you and your company send, receive, and relay messages between email senders and receivers.

However, SMTP includes essential elements that help push your messages to the destinations. It is Relay or SMTP Relay or Relay Services. 

What is an SMTP Relay?

In general, Relay means to receive and pass on. In email word, it is closest to emails consisting of information or a message in different formats.

What’s the work of Relay? 

Simply put, An SMTP relay (sub-type protocol) that allows email to be transmitted through the internet, from one server to another, for delivery.

Basically, it works in two minor steps: 

  • It receives the outgoing mail from the sender.
  • It delivers it to the recipient’s local post office, another SMTP server.

Simple, right?

I don’t understand yet! Don’t worry…this infographic will help you.


In the words of email, Relay is the process that works is just to collect (sender email message) and transmit from one server to another till it’s delivered to the destination.

In the picture above, the local post offices would be the SMTP servers and the postman would act as a Relay function. 

Benefits of using an SMTP Relay Service

SMTP Relay Server

There are many SMTP relay service providers in the global market and choosing a good one would give you the following benefits. 

  • Faster and Save Time
  • Avoid Email Deliverability Issues
  • Maintain Your Professional Reputation

Now that you know the advantage of choosing the right SMTP relay provider, here’s an actionable method to follow to make sure you make the right choice. 

Choosing the Right SMTP Relay Service (Not So Easy)

A soulful SMTP relay service may host basic and advanced features that help you with everything from emails and email sending requirements. And if you have a good one that’s Okay! But in case you wonder about seeking for best SMTP relay services, here are the factors you need to look out for:

No.1 – Understand Your Feature Requirements 

It is not necessary that one email works similarly for different business entities as every business, of any size may have different reasons for opting for emails thus changing their SMTP relay services. 

Make sure to know in advance what kind of email you’re sending and what accompanying features you need to make it successful. 

However, I’ve mentioned some frequently needed features you need to look out for while making the critical decision of choosing an SMTP relay service.

  • Testing platform
  • Integration at an easy level
  • Real-time email tracking
  • Analytics and reporting

There are many other features you should give details on such as reverse DNS feature, domain authentication, link branding, etc.

No.2 – Review At Email Deliverability Rates 

The faster the email delivery rate, the optimum the result you can aspect from your email campaign.

Alternatively, a slow email delivery rate service could damage your IP reputation and leave you for an hour to struggle to grab reports and performance further for informed decision making. 

You want to look for an average delivery rate of 98% or higher.

Remember that delivery rates are a mix of how the SMTP transfer administration guarantees delivery to inboxes on the backend and how you utilize the service at the same time.

No.3 – Proximate To Your Budget 

You already know that email is the cheapest form of digital marketing practice to elevate sales. 

Then, remember this too, a good email SMTP server isn’t expensive and therefore stays within your budget strictly. In the event when you realize it sounds expensive and nonetheless a feature you are getting, skip those and try a different one. 

No. 4 – The Kind of Support You Receive 

Well, you get the complete and accurate setup installed and configured by the SMTP relay companies. On the off chance, there will be occasions when you’ll need some help. 

So, look for a parallel support team that strictly listens to your concern and offers a reliable and adequate solution to the problem. However, most of the SMTP relay services offer a 24/7/365 support system. 

Final Thought 

At the point when you’re picking SMTP relay services, look and check whether they offer very good quality security highlights. Although some SMTP administrations can get you extremely high deliverability rates, they aren’t really the most secure.

In addition to this, ask our experts about SMTP relay, SMTP for email marketing, and SMTP-related questions and marvel yourself firmly. 

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