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7 Tips To Increase Email Click-Through Rate

February 26, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In this blog post, we explore seven tactics you can use to improve your email click-through rate.

The one tedious conscious email marketer has about the delivery of email to the inbox and that’s the ultimate goal though. 

Out of many email campaign practices, only a few of them succeed while the rest fall apart. 

However, email marketing is a brilliant way to drive huge traffic and build capital in less time – for that it’s important users see and check your emails first. 

What is the email click-through rate?

Email click-through rate, also pronounced as email open rate, is the percentage of people who click through from a link in your email to your website.

Simply put, it is the number of users/receivers who see your email and read it, including taking some action such as clicking a link, asking for a query, etc. 

It is important from the aspect of email campaigns because it measures how effective your emails are at influencing the behavior of your target audience.

The basic objective of compelling someone to click through is to wrench new users to your website and push them one step closer to converting i.e. optimizing conversion rate. 

How do you calculate the click-through rate?

Calculating the click-through rate is simple! 

The Click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique link clicks by the number of emails delivered.

To get in percentage; simply multiply by one-hundred. See below

Unique link clicks/Number of emails delivered x 100 = Click-through rate

What is a good click-through rate?

Well, you know about click-open rate, but did you know that a good click-through rate is calculated and marked to measure actual performance. 

According to Get Response, the average email click-through rate in the UK is 3.51 percent. 

If your email campaign practice click-through rate falls close to this then it’s good…keep going!

The Seven Hyper Email Click-Through Rate Increasing Tactic (Have To Look)

Improving your email click-through rate is crucial if you want to boost conversions and grow your bottom line. 

Here are seven tactics you can use to do improve your click-through rates:

1. Nail your call to action

Having settled on one clear unbiased, make a convincing source of inspiration that assists you with accomplishing it. 

To nail your call to action: 

  • Guarantee the substance of your email moves toward a single call to action. 
  • Compose convincing duplicate utilizing language that reverberates with your intended interest group 

Test button style, size, text, and shading

2. Segment your database

All things considered, fragment your crowd and tailor the substance you shipped off each section. This guarantees you’re sending pertinent messages to the correct individuals. 

There are various ways you can fragment your email list including: 

  • socioeconomic/demographics
  • online behavior
  • buy history/purchase data

3. Personalize your message

Customizing your directive for each section builds importance and commitment. This results in a higher active visitor clicking percentage. 

As per Experian, the extraordinary snap rates for brands that send customized messages are 27% higher than brands that don’t customize.

4. Create urgency

Another approach to improve your email active clicking factor is by making a desire to move quickly. 

Think of using ‘countdown timers’ that tally as the hours, minutes, and seconds until a sale ends.

These are eye-getting visual components you can add to your messages. They brief beneficiaries to navigate now before they pass up a major opportunity.

5. Resend to non-openers

In the event that beneficiaries don’t open the first email, take a stab at re sending. 

Offering your information one more opportunity builds the opportunity your client will open and navigate. Indeed, re sending to non-openers can build crusade open rates by half.

6. Use an inverted pyramid design

This is new, but often basic for most email marketers!

To make your emails more persuasive, try using an inverted pyramid design.

This is a method of organizing your email so it attracts beneficiaries and drives them to draw in with your call-to-action. 

inverted pyramid email example

The key plan components you need to incorporate to utilize this strategy are:

  • Adequate headline telling your value proposition or idea.
  • Well-written user-focused supporting messages.
  • A prominent and compelling call to action.

7. Make emails mobile-friendly

Gadget type (basic device) is something else to consider in the event that you need to augment your email active clicking factor. 

Ensure your email is mobile-friendly so as not to miss out on click-through from beneficiaries perusing your message in a hurry.


Presently you’re furnished with seven strategies to improve your email navigate rates, we trust you see commitment take off. A spike in changes will be the regular side-effect. 

The strategies we’ve investigated are not difficult to carry out with the correct email advertising innovation setup. Figure out how our email marketing services will help improve your outcomes by booking a demo by means of the catch underneath.

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