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Top 10 Tricks that will boost your email open rates

March 7, 2022, Written by 0 comment

What makes users open your emails? What are their traits or authenticities? These questions are important to ask yourself if you want your email campaign successful or have higher email open rates.

Someone said Email Marketing is science while some believe it is artistic folk. 

In our belief it is both, science because email marketing is often based on research, hypothesis, and logic, and as well as attaining glare (art) helps in making it more appealing. 

A well-designed email encourages viewers to learn more! So, then is it a well-designed email structure that puts email readers at first to open emails?

Hmmm! Maybe and maybe not.  

In email marketing, Open Rates quietly refers to the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.

Pretty much it is proximate to exam qualification. Out of heavy numbers of email lists who actively open your emails and actually put the time to read and encourage you to take action. 

If the maximum number of email lists open your emails then probably it is a good sign or you could say your opt-in users are interested in your email subjects. 

According to the research, companies brutally send newsletter-type emails as it is the most popular type of email with over 80% of open rates. 

In case you’re email marketing practice struggling to achieve higher open rates or want to save your time and research – you would love to see these top 10 tricks that will boost your email open rates. 

In simple words, we’ve mentioned ten easy ways to improve your email open rates or delivery rates. 

Read them all…

1. Keep Your List Updated

Do your opt-in users actually need to hear from you? 

You’ve likely heard the guidance that it’s imperative to email your endorsers consistently so your rundown doesn’t go lifeless. 

So to keep your list new and loaded up with connected endorsers, it’s a smart thought to occasionally eliminate latent supporters. You often use some best email verification tools for such concerns.

2. Segment Your List

Not one email could satisfy your customers or subscribers. Actually, you don’t even know their age and taste. 

So, all you can do is a segment. It helps send emails to their likes and preferences. 

One easy way to segment your email list is on the topic and subject matter interest. 

3. Avoid Spam Filters

There are strict rules defined by the external mail checker not using any spam actions. 

Generally, it is hard at first glance to tell if your emails are spam-free or not. Well, you can do some home practice to tell by yourself whether your email message or whole practice is concerned as spam. 

  • Send your campaign from a good IP address.
  • Send through verified domains.
  • Avoid the excessive use of “sales” language – “buy”, “clearance”, “discount”, or “cash”.
  • Don’t “bait-and-switch” by using deceptive subject lines.
  • Include your location and way for subscribers to opt out of your emails easily.

4. Prioritize Timing

Timing can hugely affect whether your endorsers open your messages, so consider cautiously about what time and day you send your messages out. 

You will not have the option to sort out the ideal time promptly, yet play out somewhere in the range of A/B tests to distinguish which time periods appear to perform best, and investigate those in future missions.

5. Send Emails With Good Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing that subscribers see first. Also, it is the first step they make to open or decline emails. 

A poorer subject line leads to lower open rates while an effective subject line encourages open emails in no time. 

Here you can get some guides for writing good email subject lines. 

6. Write to Just One Person

At the point when you draft your headline and message content, it’s characteristic to think about a great many individuals who are going to get it. 

To compose along these lines, you’ll need to truly know your purchaser persona. You need to comprehend their issues, their longings, their qualities, their preferences, and their aversions.

7. Write as a Friend, Not as a Commander

When composing your messages, you’ll need to put your corporate cap aside and compose like a companion. This is the best way to truly interest your supporters and get them to open your messages.

For example, a corporate phrase like, “We’re offering savings to our customers!” sounds like a command. 

A more friendly alternative could be something like, “you’ve gotta check out this deal …XYZ” which is good and proximate to the objective.

8. Write Amazing Content, Every Time

So how would you ensure your supporters are content with your email content? Basic: make it marvelous. 

The substance inside your email is quite significant for open rates since, supposing that your endorsers are content with your substance, they are bound to open your messages later on. They may even start to enthusiastically expect your messages.

9. Give Some Humor 

Humor has a method of making a solid, moment association with individuals. It’s own, engaging, and stands out to people. 

In the event that you know their preferences, it will be such a great deal simpler to pull off a joke or add a whimsical reference.

10. Focus on Mobile Emails 

Based on email Monday, mobile email accounts for 15-70% of all email opens. 

Deeper youngsters are the maximum who open emails and read on their smartphones. 

Here are the tips for making your emails mobile-friendliness: 

  • Keep the formatting simple
  • Use a larger font
  • Smaller images to reduce load time
  • Use a large call-to-action button
  • Don’t place too many links 


Wrapping Up 

These tips can assist any mission with getting open rates, however, don’t get debilitated in the event that you don’t see a turnaround immediately. 

Email promoting is a craft and science, so give yourself some squirm space to analyze and discover what strategies turn out best for your business and your endorsers.

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