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Email Marketing Guide: Top 7 reason why your email goes to spam folder

March 18, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Welcome to another email marketing guide chapter about knowing the cause of emails going to spam folders. 

Did you know? 

Frequent email spamming would result in your IP blocked. That’s true! 

High landing of emails on the junk folder of the customers/receiver probably the main cause of blocking email IPs. 

However, you can take measures to restore your IP, but it was a time-consuming task. 

Most email beginners make mistakes which is against the sign of odd but eventually they did (because of lack of knowledge or practice) and pay the price for seeing their emails going to spam. 

Well, I presume that there are reasons behind such a cause.

If I am not wrong, you’re here to know those reasons as well…right!

So, there you go…

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Here’s Why Emails Go to Spam

In simple words, there are some controllable and uncontrollable actions off-the-grid marked by our mailing server experts that cause your emails to land in spam folders. 

Before reading the rationalities, you can opt for email marketing solutions that guarantee your email would land everytime on the marked destination. 

No.1 – You Weren’t Given Permission

The principal rule of email marketing is to consistently have consent prior to sending an email. 

It should abandon saying, however you ought to never purchase a list of emails or get them through some other corrupt methods. 

In addition to the fact that it is untrustworthy, it’s ineffectual and can conceivably land you in some hot legitimate concern. 

So email addresses should possibly be added when somebody energetically picks in. It’s actually that basic.

No.2 – The Sender Information is Inaccurate

Universal law overlay sending commercial emails is that “Your ‘From,’ ‘To,’ ‘Reply-To,’ and scripted information—including the originating domain name and email address—must be valid and identify the person or business who initiated the message.”

At the end of the day, you should plainly state what your identity is (or who your organization is) and exclude any wrong data that could deceive somebody.

No.3 – There’s No Physical Address

Most of you will find this funny or non-talkative, but your email must have a postal address. 

This also came from FTC email compliance guide! “Your message must include your valid physical postal address.”

So you’ll see that essentially all genuine organizations incorporate their actual location toward the lower part of each email.

Here’s an example.

No.4 – You’re Using Spam Trigger Words

Nowadays, email marketers and email curators precisely create email messages considering the words that detonate some emotions or actions instead of spamming. 

Just ignore adding spam trigger words! But how one can know about trigger words that cause spam. 

Very well, hope to not mention words which are manipulative, needy, cheap, and even the statements that are too good to be true. 

Here are some trigger words mentioned to avoid at a glance. 

Apply nowApply onlineCall nowClick hereGet it now
Limited timeOffer expiresUrgentBonusClick below
Cash bonusEarn cashVacation offerCasinoLottery

No.5 – Your Headline Is Weak

An email’s headline is everything. 

Other than the name of the sender, it’s the solitary thing a sender needs to go on when concluding if it’s genuine and whether they should open it.

In addition to the fact, “69 percent of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line.”

I recommend to practice for:

  • Not using excessive capital letters
  • Not making false promises
  • Not sounding overly pushy or salesy

No.6 – There’s a Large Image with Minimal Text

Incorporating visuals into marketing campaigns has never been more popular.

Indeed, the fact is creating visual content is a top priority for 55 percent of B2C content creators.

But using a large image with minimal text can sometimes get you into trouble.

Because, spammers sometimes display information in large images instead of text so that the filter programs cannot ‘read’ the content.

No.7 – There’s No Opt-Out Link

Email is a very sensitive kind strategy followed by many ecommerce stores, organizations, and startups. Typically, email leads you to connect directly with the audience and further convert them into customers. 

Remember, your targeted audience may not all-time interested in your emails or neither check all your emails unless and until they-opt for them. 

So, give a scope of unsubscribe or statement of courtesy to willingly opt-out!

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Look, you’re an email marketer looking to connect with leads and nurture them until they ultimately make a purchase. And that is why you look for email marketing! 

Beware of these simple and minimalistic guides – why email goes to spam? I advised you to practice and run a test before sending emails to targeted lists.

In the end, you may be interested to buy SMTP server for email marketing featuring multiple IP addresses, domain rotation, fronted application, efficient storage, and more. 

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