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How to Prevent Emails from going to the Spam folder

August 3, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Even in the advanced technology and intelligent machines, there is still going WAR against emails that proceed to Spam folder. Email Spamming is major issue in the email marketing.

And, I think that the war against spam will continue and continue, if there are no precautions follow by the sender of the mail.

Most email marketers think that emails landing and how it approaches spam folders to the receipt is not in their course of action or in-their control. 

however, this is wrong…proper from drafting of enterprise-driven or different varieties of emails from scratch to the execution – either accomplished with assist of machine or brainstorming, there are matters behind the paper.

So, my point is that the email does not tend to drive or atleast made for landing on juck one. There are several factors that lead to junk one. 

Today, in this blog we will look at those factors and also learn how to stop emails going to the spam folder. 

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Reasons Why Emails Go to Spam

“Well, the one of the biggest reasons that your emails go to spam is that spam filtering becomes rigorous” – Optinmonster

There are very few that know about the email deliverability process. Before making your email to the receiving destination, emails are tested, analyzed and verified by the filters of the mailbox providers. 

There are several other instinct reasons for emails pointing to spam folders. 

Here are those…

  • You Didn’t Get Permission to Email
  • IP Address Used for Spam
  • You Have Low Engagement Rates
  • Your Subscribers Don’t Remember You
  • You Have Low Mailbox Usage
  • Your Subject Line is Misleading
  • Your “From” Information is Inaccurate
  • Didn’t Include Your Physical Address
  • You Didn’t Include an “Unsubscribe” Link
  • You Used Spam Trigger Words
  • Your HTML Emails Don’t Follow Best Practices

Now Avoid These To Reach The Inbox Every Time

Want to make you emails delivered to the inbox. Here is the crack-solution for you. 


If your marketing results are down because you struggle to reach inbox space consistently, keep reading and learn 5 foolproof steps for avoiding the SPAM folder.

1. Avoid Purchased Lists

Have you ever reacted to growing your list by a million potential customers in no time? Do not buy “targeted leads” that are sold for a few dollars. 

If yes, there you would already make a difference with your emails deliverability. 

Because purchased lists are not 100% clean and it will devastate your reputation as a sender.

If you still buy emails lists, STOP NOW.

2. Team Up With A Reliable ESP

In case you hire or take help from Email Service Providers (ESP) are evaluate as the reputation of the Internet Protocols (IP) sender. There your IPs play a big role in determining the email path. 

Thus, it is advisable to overlook careless ESP with low scores on the IP addresses of their sender. The reason is simple: it will be block by vendors such as Gmail, Yahoo, Mail, and Hotmail.

Always consider a reputable and reliable email management service providers 

3. Monitor Your Deliverability

One of the best and foolproof ways to make sure your emails will and sure stand to the receipt inbox and not in spam is to create “seed email”. 

Seed addresses are used to test email delivery and inbox placement.

Email marketers often create test accounts at the major email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, and the like), along with other test addresses at domains belonging to themselves or their clients – SharpSpring

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4. Tell Subscribers to Whitelist Your Emails

Whitelisting emails are kind of marketing tricks or first-mover practice to hold your new customers like family. 

It’s kind building a potential customer for your brand, products, and services. 

Send welcome emails to your new subscribers, tell them to whitelist your emails. 

Time4servers haintly adivesable startups or new-venture to incorporate this trick into their email campaign. 

5. Use of Spam Filter Testing and Spam Checkers

Take help of some spam checkers that you can use to test your emails for issues. (some are absolutely free and paid). 

Litmus, and Mail-Tester are names of few. 


In the end, we know how crucial emails are for business.

Well, after reading those one, now it’s your turn! How about incorporating this learning into action. Good Luck! 

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