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The Complete Guide to Christmas Email Marketing

December 20, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Christmas is one of the most popular events that is celebrated in more than 12 countries and even though it may also be known as ‘fast of the prophets’ in some nations.

Christmas is celebrated after Halloween, and it’s observance and style of celebration differ region to region. By its name, most people first think of fatty-red Santa…me too 🙂

Also, then think of gifts, christmas trees, and stories…!

Here the gift for you…! Wishing for a guide that helps you win holiday email marketing?

Here’s your merrist guide to Christmas Email Marketing.

Christmas Email Marketing. Why Do You Need It?

Like other days of email marketing, Christmas email marketing is different from Halloween or New Year Eve email campaigns.

Before you go to create your Christmas Email Campaign, think of what actually makes it say Christmas email marketing.

Is it giving what they need or may what they want on Christmas as a gift?

Sure, Christmas is a day of gifts and holidays of celebration…!

So, what’s your brand for this Christmas season.

Christmas email marketing or holiday email campaign is about sending christmas loves, happiness, and wishes. And doing so, it could be in the form of a Christmas newsletter, Christmas email sale, Christmas greetings cards, etc.

Contrary, these are all Christmas email marketing practices to boost sales (that’s why you would need it).

What To Put In A Christmas Newsletter?

Creating an inspiring and loving Christmas newsletter requires following key elements of consideration.

  • Excellent Subject Line
  • Loyalty and Appreciation
  • Direct Clear Information
  • A Good Content That Wins Heart

Out of these, the Christmas subject line plays a crucial part. Here’s the guide for the same.

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How to write a winning Christmas email subject line?

Out of many deadly efforts, there is one important part of email to focus on and that is the email subject line.

A good subject line holds people onto your emails and encourages more to perform.

Remember that Christmas is competitive. Because probably you aren’t alone in the market.

Also, Christmas subject line should intrigue your subscribers and this can be done either by invoking curiosity, highlighting a real benefit, or something else.

  1. Keep it short and sweet
  2. Segment your lists
  3. Don’t make false promises
  4. Do tell them what’s inside
  5. Time it right

Bonus Tip: I have mentioned easy-to-understand tips for writing excellent subject lines.

Need some encouragement? Have a look at some real email subject lines used by top-notch brands past Christmas year.

  • Configure IT – We’ve got an early gift for you
  • LEGO – NEW LEGO® Star Wars™ sets and a free GIFT!
  • Tailor Brands – FREE Month of Unlimited Brand Design!
  • Frank Body – Babe, free shipping this holiday season
  • Shutterstock – Hand-picked images for the holidays
  • Apple – Give iPad. And put some fun under the tree.
  • Trello – 12 Presents To Make You More Productive These Holidays
  • Tory Burch – Presenting: Tory’s Gift Guide

Guide To Creating Winning Christmas Email Campaign (with calendar)

It is not easy to win the game. As I said, Christmas is competitive so you need to work with strategy, creating a timeless workflow, and work piece by piece.

Here I have derived a winning Christmas email workflow for you putting great effort and strategy together. It helps you win the objective of your email campaign goals.

Mid-NovemberWishlist or gift guideGift recommendations
3 weeks before ChristmasEarly giftDiscount or free shipping
1 week before ChristmasOn-time delivery reminderDeadline to purchase gifts with countdown
1 week after ChristmasEnd of yearSay thanks, recap the year or offer a discount

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Final thoughts on Christmas email marketing campaign

Christmas isn’t gone! Don’t think, inspire your email marketing considering each and every piece written here.

Just remember these key steps:

  • Create emails that build interest, early
  • Give your subscribers an offer they can’t refuse
  • Greet and reward them

We would love to hear your suggestion for this blog. Tell us in the comment what you think more about Christmas Email Marketing. Till, Good Luck!

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