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15 Free Christmas Email Templates Ideas for High Converting

December 18, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Indeed, wishing for some free christmas email marketing ideas to boost sales.

It’s christmas time…! This holiday the red-nose cow-deer, has got your back!

The time just got beautiful and you have the most wonderful time of the year to send beautiful emails to your email subscribers and boost your sales. 

The Santa time event brings you some sales boosting gifts for your business. Don’t miss it! 

1. Christmas Card Email Template

Give pleasant holiday wishing cards to subscribers. The christmas card email template is a wonderful way to wish happy holidays and give them an amazing holiday present.

2. Christmas Wishes Email Template

Be the early-bride for your subscribers, send them a hearty Christmas wishing message.

3. Christmas Fashion Email Template

What you need is ‘Classic’ and ‘Warm’…this template is a one-stop solution for your fashion sale. Display your offer in a Christmassy way.

4. Holiday Food Email Template

Ummm! I love food…and your subscribers too! Delight their Christmas night serving with extra happiness.

5. Family Christmas Email Template

Make a treasury gift for everyone! Tell them ‘We have gifts for all family members’…like this

6. Christmas Sale Email Template

You have waited for this so long…! With the Christmas sale email template you can warmth and delight the festive eve.

7. Abandoned Cart Email Template

It’s the time to end the haunt of your buyer. Those who abandoned your product, give them a good reason to buy back and this time with a special Christmas offer.

8. It’s Not Too Late Email Template

You might capture your lead by sending “It’s Not Too Late‘ email at just the right time.

9. 7 Day Christmas Email Template

The 7-Day of Christmas email campaign can be a huge successful email marketing practice. It’s not the idea…an opportunity for seven day where you announce a new offer everyday for 7 days.

10. Thank You Email Template

With nothing so much talking, just say ‘Thank You’ and wish the day going joys.

11. Greeting Email Template

CEO words are acting like fireballs…! Greetings coming straight from the brand owner develop excitement and build loyalty among subscribers.

12. It’s Party Time Email Template

Before it’s too late to happen…! Make it a memorable event lasting forever…!

13. Traditional Christmas Template

People are often more connected to the modern world but somewhere something that is touched with more feelings is a traditional idea.

14. Happy “Howlidays” Template

If your brand is all about kitties and doggies, this email template is all you need for once.

15. Santa’s Here Christmas Template

Make feeling more realistic by sending Santa’s “Happy, Happy, Happy” warm Christmas message. 

In The End


It’s time to make the holiday season a little more speciale and with these free Christmas email template ideas…you can actually.

So, inheart these amazing templates, customize them, and share the snowy Santa holiday spirit with your audience and boost sale.

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