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Christmas Newsletter Design and Template Ideas for Your Email Campaign

December 14, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Email newsletter is a traditional email marketing tactic yet proactive and very effective against towing opt-in subscribers’ attention and behaviour to your products, services, and idea promotion.

Well, email newsletters are used for multiple purposes. Like announcing webinars, ecommerce billing and stock notification, transactional emails, etc.

In simple words, Business uses email newsletter to inform or update their subscribers or sometime (may audience) about updates pertaining to your business, products, and services.

Remember, when creating an email newsletter, it should feel like an update from an interesting, (closer to friend) rather than a pushy salesperson.

We all know Christmas is nearer, and you planned something special to give this month your customer to feel ‘wow’… Isn’t it right!

However, Christmas email newsletter is a partial nugget way to celebrate together! According to one study, it helps in anticipating 10% sale upbringing.

Here we have mentioned the best Christmas newsletter design and template (free) for your email campaign.

Don’t just look at them, design in your own custom with the link provided below.

Before we start…

What To Put In A Christmas Newsletter?

  • Excellent Subject Line
  • Loyalty and Appreciation
  • Direct Clear Information
  • A Good Content That Wins Heart

When done right, you may break the bank and joy achieve more sales, winning customer trust, increase brand loyalty, and much more.

Free Christmas Newsletter Templates Ideas

Do you know?

You may entertain your newsletter opt-in subscribers while considering these multiple amazing Christmas template ideas.

1. Thank You – The Friendly Letter Template

With nothing so much talking, just say ‘Thank You’ and wish the day going joys. 

Use this template

2. Greetings From The CEO – Year In Review Template

CEO words are acting like fireballs…! Greetings coming straight from the brand owner develop excitement and build loyalty among subscribers.

Use this template

3. It’s Party Time! – Christmas Party Newsletter

Announce that before Christmas is over, let’s make it a memorable night with our Christmas party. All you need to do is to mark the date remember!

Use this template

4. Bring Delight Home For Christmas – Holiday Deal Template

You have one day and that day is Christmas – Craft holiday deal email newsletter showing products and gadgets with discount price or other offers to anticipate subscribers to buy.

Use this template

5. Going, Going, Gone – Sales Christmas Newsletter Template

Out of these escalating ideas, this one is best to propel your sale along with Christmas celebration. Think of a Christmas sale newsletter, offering customers a good time to choose a Christmas sweater or winter collection.

Use this template


Hurray! Exhausted…you have looked at five best Christmas newsletter design and template ideas. Inspire your thought, design your idea, and strengthen your Christmas email campaign.

Don’t be overwhelmed with your email design. Just keep things concise and avoid oversaturation of information. Best of luck!

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