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9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Christmas Email Campaigns

December 5, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Tell me aren’t you excited as much as I am? I mean Christmas holidays are on it’s way and I am done with the old ideas.

Probably, this is one of the biggest spending periods globally with the average American consumer being anticipated to spend $1048 on Christmas purchase.

And, surprisingly, email marketing practice responsible for 20% of these sales. 

Yes! You heard it right… 

This gives an edge advantage to small and big retailers to extend their sale for good reasons creating christmas email campaigns.

Already it is proven that email marketing is least and impactful marketing tactics to increase sales, extend customer relationships, and develop brand value.

With this in mind, how about considering these 9 Christmas email ideas to cater ‘winning’ Christmas Holiday Email Campaign.

1) Christmas teaser email

Targeting and positioning customers with teaser leaves them in jittery and may mapping engage with your content coming out.

What Should I do? A good way to go for your first email is a simple teaser only providing limited information or slighter details about the offer title or end-result reward.

The reason behind this is that might leaves them in anxiety and curiosity.

2) Holiday gift guide/catalog email

In case you didn’t finalize your sale yet! Or you don’t want to tease your subscribers then you may love to catch your subscriber’s eye with a holiday gift guide…and trust me this is a great option to ease your way into Christmas email marketing early.

Remember to showcase the best way of looking for ‘brilliant gift ideas’ this time of year.

3) Christmas sale announcement email

Announcement fired-up the customers’ will and encourage them to make a decision towards it. You have a very special chance especially at Christmas and New Year Eve.

To catch the attention of your customers early, announce your biggest-ever Christmas sale for the year end 2020 with special gifts, rewards, discounts, coupons, or something amazing.

4) Personalized/early offers to loyal customers

Loyal customers always expect something great from your brand. And if you’re serious about doing business, think of sending personalized email with personalized offers to them.

Personalized email marketing increases the lead generation at 80% and also it helps in fulfilling the customer’s buying journey.

5) Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned Cart or product in cart for long-time shows that the customers still want something more or looking for an awesome offer or discount. Before they get a good reason to abandon your product from the cart – hit and bond them!

How? By sending an ‘Abandoned Cart’ Email – list the product of ignoring or in-cart items in your email with extra offers or value added gifts to make them entice you to buy your product. And in the time of Christmas celebration, this is the best time to do it.

6) Christmas shipping deadline reminder

The job isn’t finished by just sending the first christmas announcement or teaser email. Pin-point and hit your customers at every step of funnel marketing/purchase funnel i.e. ‘Awareness’, ‘Interest’, ‘Desire’, and ‘Action’.

Either send them deadline reminder email, hurry up email, or something quick action-oriented email.

7) The “it’s not too late” email

Sometimes it is happen that the customer misses out such brilliant offer at last moment or may might just thinking for stay-for one more day – there you might capture your lead by sending “It’s Not Too Late‘ email in just right time.

Nothing extra you have to include in this campaign, just mention the extra-time for shopping for your favorite brand or product like “asos” did in this email template. 

8) Post-Christmas email campaign

Do you know? You can continue your Christmas Email Marketing Campaign even if the period of ‘Santa-Claus’ is gone. How?

Boxing Day is a major sales holiday in many countries that you can definitely take advantage of. It includes more heavy discounts than your Christmas. So, you can target those customers who wish to shop for products on Christmas but didn’t – so let complete their wish through boxing day email.

9) 7 Days of Christmas email campaign

At last, this is exciting…trust me!

The 7-Day of Christmas email campaign can be a huge successful email marketing practice for a year for your business and many brands have succeeded in increasing sales by 120 percent.

7 Days of Christmas campaign where you announce a new offer everyday for 7 days in the lead up to Christmas. In addition, this gives you plenty of space to be creative and pull your subscribers to shop everyday for new exclusive discounts and offers.

It’s Your Turn!

Thanks for reading these Christmas Email Marketing Ideas, this will ramp-up your email marketing practice, perform better in Christmas and lead you to make the most of your Christmas Email Campaigns.

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