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Inbound email marketing strategy to grow your business

September 23, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Increase in sales volume, boost in website traffic, surge in customer calling, elaboration in strategy and planning are all emblems of business growth. 

Nowadays, creating a pin-point attraction or attention for the and to the people in the market (whether online or offline) is a concentrated-kind challenging job for businesses of all sizes. 

However, businesses trying to its potential level to soften and scratch the surface harden to tumble their customers ‘well’ when they connect with their brand or its products or service, in-time. 

But, Can you tell us what many companies forget when creating their inbound marketing strategies is how powerful email marketing can be when utilized to its full potential. 

I mean it is under the dark…it’s hidden! Companies need to understand the concept of email marketing before incorporating to putting into something. 

To be clear, email can be used for both inbound and outbound marketing. Perhaps, sometimes cause confusion for marketers to use properly and appropriately for what the calling purpose is. 

For most people, they don’t get familiar with inbound email marketing concepts. So, to make them clear, we have discussed it in detail. 

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Inbound Marketing/Inbound Email Marketing Defined

Well, if you’re from the background of digital marketing or have little knowledge about it then the term ‘inbound’ is not a new term. 

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there is a term called inbound links referring to creating links that retain or back to the home website or owner website which is also known as inbound marketing. 

In the context of ‘Email Marketing’ inbound marketing means “you’re generating business by attracting customers and making them come to you, rather than pushing your message out to them (outbound or interruption marketing)” – Inbound marketing guide

Inbound Marketing/Inbound Email Marketing Defined

Corporating inbound marketing strategy into emails which is all-about pulling and pushing the audience to your brand through content and graphics, CTA and links  there it’s having advantages to help your business grow.

Let’s look at the guide that demonstrates how companies can positively and fruitfully utilize, implement, or leverage email into inbound marketing strategy. 

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Roles Played By Emails In Inbound Marketing Concept

  1. Build Engagement

Eventually, most marketers now associate “engagement” with social media. Engagement is simply any meaningful interaction (could be written or expressed) that strengthens the connection a prospect has with your brand.

And email is perfect for this approach because:

  • It goes directly to the prospect
  • Offers the opportunity for your prospect to respond
  • Provides space to convey your idea to across multiple
  • Allows for images and videos, act as powerful reaction
  1. Act as Reminder

Email is very good in reminding your customers about anything upcoming or everything selling. How it’s leveraged as an inbound marketing strategy is pretty straight-forward.

It works as for customers fueling a new sense of urgency upon getting notification. It allows them to look, explore, and further purchase or become part of your brand. 

  1. Create Action

Powering up your audiences or customers with something energetic or new for them, then, sure they will act jointly and fastly would help in boosting traffic to your source. 

For instance; if you have a product launch coming up, you can send out an email that calls your subscribers to participate by going back to your site to place their order.

Another example of such action-oriented emails for inbound marketing purposes could be your attempt for calling subscribers to sign up for an upcoming webinar or attend an event.

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How Email Is Helpful Into Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Experiencing the role played by the emails driven inbound marketing opportunity. Let’s look deeper on how emails are leveraged into inbound marketing strategy and notice what comes out as a result.

  1. Convince prospects to share their emails

The one and only goal of using emails into inbound marketing strategy is to drive potential and willing customers with emails. To achieve this goal, many marketers include signup forms on every—or, at least, most—of the pages on their site. Moreover, some rigid websites build separately 100% dedicated to a single CTA page which increases the scope of getting e-mail addresses of customers. 

  1. Help in segmentation and accurate marketing

So, when you start to get the email address of your customers using the above hailed method, you can analyse their data to put it into segmentation objectives. This inbound marketing strategy is helpful for those who have multiple products or sub-products.

  1. Create a lead funnel

Sure, the agenda behind incorporating emails into inbound marketing actions is to accumulate audiences until they become customers/clients. 

So, create a lead-nurturing funnel that involves and aims to attract strangers and educate them to convert into visitors and then offer products accurately to customers. 

Thanks for reading this definitive guide to inbound marketing for 2020. If you’re interested in creating email campaigns then how about getting powerful email marketing services that will comprehend your emails marketing efforts gaining business growth. 

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