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[5 Must-Have] Email Marketing Strategies To Follow In 2020

September 15, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Out of thousands of digital marketing practices, email marketing is one of the popular, effective, and business driven strategies for many SMEs, fortunate brands, early-age startups, small resellers, and ecommerce. 

Email marketing directly connects to your audience and works as a communication for your products and customers. Emails are accounted as a rapid tool for marketing and generating sales for business over the decades. 

Even nowadays, it works the same, but, at least it’s not only matter with your business growth or brand reputation. Understanding and fulfilling the static demand of your customers, building strong relationships with them, curating the crux of your business is all about today’s marketing phenomena. 

In 2020, we have already seen a vager of changes made for digitalization. Where the brand constantly puts efforts to polishing its marketing approaches using digital strategy and practices. Their email marketing is one of them. 

However, marketing departments or digital marketers constantly eye on competition and competitors to retain with subtle strategy to incorporate to get a first mover advantage. 

Already there are a lot of email marketing strategies out there. Product promotion, stock back notification, discount/offer campaign are name of few. 

Then, do we still need something crux? 

Hmmm! Off-course, the reason is the current age of digitalization changes rapidly so the demand and approaches are too. 

Digital marketers cannot use the predefined glossary of marketing strategies all-time. For a different campaign you need to drive a competitive strategy. 

I say it as a simple rule of winning…! 

So, what kind of email marketing strategies could help your business in 2020? 

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Tips for mastering your email marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond

  1. Focus on feedback in emails.

It’s true that email marketing used for many purposes lies through extending sales offers to event promotion. In the last three couple of months, there is a new exploding kind email marketing strategy evolving i.e. user feedback. 

Over 90% of people read online reviews, while 84% of them trust those reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Focus on customer feedback practice to make your emails a little more personal. 

  1. Create Shoppable email content 

I love this one! The true way to use digital platforms while incorporating marketing into verse is by creating shoppable social media posts. The best example is ‘Instagram’ where you can wisely promote your products by creating shoppable posts – in an attractive and result-driven way. 

Thus, you can try in your email campaign too. This helps you in writing and curating less content with more images (products and services) there you can increase the chance of getting more clicks on your product and traffic to your sales as well. 

  1. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly

It’s a fact that people love to shop, browse products, check new sales, even dig into emails onto their smartphones. According to recent studies it reveals that the number of mobile Internet users will hit five billion in 2025.

Creating a mobile-effective email content can be comprehensive, but may be easy with online responsive email templates tool. Consider the length of texts and visuals – it’s important. 

  1. Craft catchy subject lines or headlines

Remember the rule of winning email marketing campaigns – create catchy, less words subject lines. 

According to the Statista reports that the most opened subject lines had: 10-20 characters (35.5% open rate) 20-30 characters (33.4% open rate) 30-40 characters (30.2% open rate) hence you can imagine the importance of subject line in emails. 

Subject line that creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity can give a 22% higher open rate. So, aim for creating good and appealing email headers. 

In the end of the notes, I say that email marketing can be proved successful for your business if done in the right manner, incorporating competitive strategies like these. Hence, aim for these email marketing strategies~Good luck!

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