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How To Use Email A/B Testing To Improve Conversions?

February 28, 2022, Written by 0 comment

The email validation process, A/B Testing, Email Design checklist, etc. With each email campaign, an email marketer performs a variety of sequential tests which is essential to outperform.

Typically, there are 10+ email marketing tests performed by an email campaign manager. 

Out of others, A/B test your email campaign is necessarily important and critical for success. 

A reliable and effective split testing ensures better open and click-through rates result. This may bring more visitors to the website and sales, and honestly, every marketer wants that. 

But how do you do it? 

In this guide, we’ll show you what A/B testing is and how it can improve your open and click-through rates.

What is A/B Testing? 

Where there is email marketing, there is A/B Testing…! 

A/B Testing or Spilt testing in email marketing refers to finding a natural and effective way of working out which of two campaign options is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks.

Simply put, A/B Testing comprises two alphabets ‘A’ and ‘B’ whereby both are summoned as “Variation” which incorporates particular unlike “Subset” and put together on the trails to check out which perform better and quickly achieve the preset goals and objectives of the email campaign. 

A/B testing your campaigns is a great way to increase the open and click-through rates of your emails. But, be careful, A/B testing requires correct credentials to work perfectly. 

Any loopholes or wrong dispatch of scripts may result in poorer email performance. 

What should I Test? 

Now you must have been thinking of what to test? Right

Well, here is a complete checklist of what you should be testing while thinking of an A/B email test. All these testing can be done using a good email marketing tool. 

1. Subject lines

The title is quite possibly the most conspicuous component of your mission when seen in the inbox. So what sorts of tests would you be able to run in your headlines to attempt to drive expanded opens? 

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Length: Optimal length is around 61-70 characters.
  • Word Order: Must be clear, penetrable, and accurate.
  • Content: Testing different pieces of content as the subject line can be a great way to improve your email open rates.

Personalization: The subscriber’s name is the single most impactful word you can add to your subject line, increasing opens by over 14%.

2. Visuals 

Studies show that the human brain processes visuals 60x times faster than text, thus, using images in your email campaign can be a source of excellent showcase remembrance. 

Discover by A/B testing. There are various things you can test, along these lines, to assist you with a beginning, we’ve accumulated a couple of thoughts:

  • Images or no images: It is advised to test your emails one with images and the other with no images and see the results that excite you the most.

Style: There are many different types of visuals you can include in your email campaigns be it illustrator, cartoon, real photos, animation, etc.

3. Content or Copy 

You can find what an incredible copy content resembles for your crowd by A/B testing distinctive duplicates in your email crusades. 

There are various highlights in your duplicate that you can test, so we’ve aggregated a couple of thoughts to help kick you off:

  • Length: Shorter emails design are likely loved by the audience because of easy reading, less content, and promising features. 
  • Personalization: adding personalization to your email campaigns can increase click-through rates by over 14%.
  • Tone: We tested this ourselves, and found that using positive language increased our email conversion rate by 22%.

4. Call To Action 

Your invitations to take action are quite possibly the main pieces of your email promoting efforts. 

They help increment your email active clicking factor (click-through rate) by making it clear to users precisely what the following stage is.

Here are a few ideas as to what you can test:

  • Button vs. text: Try A/B testing emails having buttons while others have text. Additionally, buttons are a better approach and increase in click-through by using a button instead of a text link.
  • Button copy: Be careful with putting text on your button – they even could make a big impact. Run a/b test of button copy which performs better. 

Well, this is it, there may be more features you could possibly put into A/B trials…! 

Also, you could give extra benefit to your split testing by using email testing tools that will help you refine your email testing more accurately. 

Wrap Up 

Begin A/B testing your email campaigns today. Make speculation for how you could improve your mission, set it’s anything but an A/B test, click send, and see what occurs. 

This is what to recall about A/B split testing to streamline your email crusades: 

  • Make speculation for how you could improve your mission 
  • Test all basic components of your email 
  • Utilize the right devices to improve the effectiveness of your email 
  • Focus on your A/B testing

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