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What is Technical SEO and Why Technical SEO is important? and Tips to improve it

February 5, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Technical SEO Explained

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for websites to achieve prominent results, many digital marketers think of technical SEO. 

In my view, Technical SEO is like a contradiction in terms and luckily it is true. 

Technical SEO comprises technical elements that help websites to be more faster, simpler, and appraisal. 

So, what does technical SEO mean? 

Technical SEO refers to improving the technical aspects of a website and that include non-general aspects of SEO practices i.e. optimizing for mobile users, making secure websites, utilizing SSL, and others. 

Generally, making a website faster, easier to crawl and understandable for search engines bots are the pillars of technical optimization. Even there are many things when it comes to getting ready and improving a website technically. 

However, it is a fact that technical seo is different from general doing, you should experience and understand the terminology of elements of technical optimization for websites before beginning or taking such a project in hand. 

Actually, the application of technical SEO starts from the very first day of buying a website hosting or security. 

Technical SEO is part of on-page SEO, which centers around improving components on your site to get higher rankings. It’s something contrary to off-page SEO, which is tied in with producing openness for a site through different channels.

Technical SEO: Why It’s More Important Than Ever?

Technical optimization is common demand for websites without it you can’t possibly withstand on search engine top ranking. Even Google search engine bots contrary checks for the presented elements of technical SEO practices in your website for ensuring better ranking purpose. 

If you failed to add and improve it, then slightly you missed ‘coming in the top ten search result page’

On the other hand, Google and other search engines frequently work to present their users with the best possible results for their query. Therefore, Google’s robots crawl and evaluate web pages on a multitude of factors including all the technical aspects. 

Thus, it is more important than ever to optimize for technical SEO. 

Technical SEO Checklist: Tips To Make Your Website Technical Friendly

So, how to do technical SEO? What element should you focus on? 

Here’s the checklist of important steps you can take to ensure your technical SEO is up to scratch.

No.1 Use SSL: Secure Sockets Layer – SSL – is a security technology which creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

No.2 Ensure your site is mobile-friendly: Google clearly stated in the last algorithm update about having a responsive site is considered a very significant ranking signal by its algorithms.

No.3 Speed your site up: Search engines prefer sites that load quickly: page speed is considered an important ranking signal.

No.4 Fix duplicate content issues: Eliminate duplicate content as it would be confusing for users (and indeed search engine algorithms).

No.5 Create an XML sitemap: It is a file that helps search engines to understand your website whilst crawling it, efficiently.

No.6 Consider enabling AMP: AMP is a Google-sponsored project which intends to accelerate the conveyance of substance on cell phones using exceptional code known as AMP HTML.

No.7 Add structured data markup to your website: Structured data markup is code whereby available in different types which you add to your website to help search engines better understand the content on it.

No.8 Opt-in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools: Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are free tools from Google and Microsoft respectively that allow you to submit your website to their search engines for indexing.

Final Thought

Some say technical SEO is like accounting; for complicated stuff, you need to hire a professional. And, it also observed that accounting is the backbone of every company so as technical SEO for your website. 

SEO company in India can effectively optimize for technical aspects and hence, can improve your website for better ranking along with add-on benefits like free consultation and more.

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