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How to Check if an Email Address Exists or not with bulk email verification tools?

November 10, 2020, Written by 0 comment

What’s the prior task of email marketer? Sending precise emails to the potential emailers. I mean fulfilling the end-objective of email campaigns.

But how do email marketers come in the position to know that the sender email address is potential against created email campaigns? 

It’s hard to know – by contrast. But using online email verification tools the job gets done in a minute. 

That’s why 70% of small business email marketers save time and strengthen email campaigns using email verifier softwares. 

What is Email Verification Services? 

When you are ready to hit that ‘send’ button making your emails deliverables to your bulk email list, many email marketers forget to analyse and re-check the email address. 

Eyeing on an email address is important before sending because there is no surprise in saying that your email list is completely authentic, accurate, and workable. 

So, there, email verification tools are helpful. 

Email verification tool or email verifier software refers to determining the workable and non-workable email address from the provided data. Email verifier tool analyses each and every input emails and checks for valid email addresses through rigid techniques. Contrary follows address-by-address analysis technique.

What does Email Verification Tools Do?

Mainly, the prior task of these indispensable tools is to separate the non-crucial email address and provide valid (inbox deliverable email address) to companies or marketers (whomever it concerns) respective to satisfying purposes. 

Here are some major benefits of usage of email verification services

  • Reduces email bounces
  • Shows accurate campaign insights
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Increases campaign ROI
  • Saves efforts in fixing bounces
  • Prevents deliverability issues
  • Protects Sender Reputation and more

Aren’t you curious about how these tools actually work? Let’s know the email address verification work process. 

How Email Verifier Tools Check That Email Address is Good or Bad? 

As I already said that these use address-by-address technique to sque-out the bad email addresses. 

But, technically, it’s something else…! 

The authenticity of email addresses is measured using a combination of validation methods and algorithms. Following are the methods and algorithms mentioned that email verifier tools act upon.

  1. Email Address Syntax Check: Eliminate improperly formatted email addresses considering IETF standards in mind.
  1. Domain/MX Records Check: This verifies the DNS entries of an email address. If a domain is found to be invalid.
  1. Role-Based Account Detection: This process detects and flags role-based email addresses. Example postmaster@, info@, sales@, admin@, etc.
  1. Disposable Email Address (DEA) Detection: Disposable email address detects “junk collector” email address. 
  1. Honeypot/ Spam Trap Detection: This detects spam seeds, BOTs, honeypots, blacklisted, or bogus email addresses by checking the addresses in the list.
  1. Checking DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs for blacklisting: This checks for spamming email addresses using Real-Time Blackhole List (RBL) protocols. 
  1. Final Verification: The legitimacy of email addresses will be also found through performing SMTP server verification.

Top 10 Free Tools To Verify Emails Online (Without Downloading)

Though using free email verification tools lead you to save cost and increased ROI in your email campaign. Here are some top ten best of all time free email verification tools you can use to verify your bulk email addresses. 

  1. AeroLeads- Email Verifier
  2. Pabbly Email Verification
  3. MyEmailVerifier
  4. EmailListVerify
  5. QuickEmailVerification
  6. ClearOut
  7. ZeroBounce
  8. DeBounce
  9. NeverBounce
  10. BlazeVerify


In the end, I suggest you use any of them. Adhere making your email campaign stronger and error-free utilizing email verification services. In case you need any help in email configuration, email server management or for any email marketing solutions – contact Time4Servers

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