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How Much Does Bulk Email Marketing Cost with Time4Servers

November 5, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Email marketing helps businesses to escalate business strategy fruitfully, connect directly with customers and haul potential customers to your product and services. 

Also, email marketing yields an extremely high ROI at low investment. Alternate, email marketing makes it easy to boost your annual revenue. Utilizing smart intellect, and a little elbow grease, you can turn a planned scripted email messages into thousands in returns. 

Want to know how? All you need is an email marketing plan. With effective email marketing, you can:

  • Promote brand recognition
  • Encourage new and enrolled customer efficiently
  • Build an audience of brand-loyal enthusiasts
  • And much more! 

But how much does email marketing cost? Which email marketing service provider offers brilliant email marketing plans? 

Email Marketing Cost

Generally, email marketing cost depends on the number of email sizes (bulk email) and the features available. 

Today, most email marketing companies provide free pricing plans or periodic free trials to access their email marketing solutions at niche. Through this, you can be completely aware about their service features, plans, and how they work, exactly. 

But after completing or exhausting free-trial, you have to pay to continue enjoying email marketing features. 

Here are some factors that Impact the Cost of Email Marketing:

  1. Quality of current email list
  2. Complexity of email design
  3. Frequency of your campaign
  4. Platform of use

How much do email marketing services cost?

Coming to the point, email marketing costs you differently. In simple language, cost varying provider to provider i.e. prices vary services to services. 

But still, some bulk email services offer best email marketing solutions at the most reasonable price that doesn’t feel expensive. 

Browse Time4Server SMTP server bulk email marketing pricing plans that are just made for small businesses to cater email campaigns, effectively and efficiently. 

Look at the below table comprising three different SMTP plans for B2B and B2C enterprises – Read features and buy plans potent to your business requirement.

Basic SMTP PlanRegular SMTP PlanPremium SMTP Plan
30000 Emails per month100000 Emails per month200000 Emails per month
1000 Emails per day3333 Emails per day6666 Emails per day
SSL ON DomainSSL ON DomainSSL ON Domain
Domain RequiredDomain RequiredDomain Required
Only For b2b and b2cOnly For b2b and b2cOnly For b2b and b2c
Email Sending App IncludeEmail Sending App IncludeEmail Sending App Include
SMTP Setup Service IncludedSMTP Setup Service IncludedSMTP Setup Service Included

Why Buy Time4Servers’ SMTP Server Email Marketing Plan?

Unlike other email marketing providers, Time4Servers offer completely different and enhanced SMTP server for email marketing and here are the lucrative reasons to buy their pricing plans:

  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Send in Multi-Format
  • Latest Technology
  • Highly Experienced
  • Live Support

Using Time4Server mailing services for the fastest email sending, you can send unlimited emails on our server at any time anywhere.

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