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4 Best Ways To Verify Email Address List

May 26, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Gone are the days when email specialists skip cognitive actions before sending emails to the chosen lists. 

Besides, they don’t even think of ‘test-before-send’ but today, email marketing is vital and email marketer experts know what makes an email campaign successful. 

A successful campaign is when everything is run according to roadmap objectives. Or could I say based on an email marketing checklist. 

An email marketing checklist subtle to vary of subject. It may include email lists, subject line, language, content length, call-to-action, images and graphics, etc. 

Here, verifying email addresses is vital and glance-step toward making an effective email marketing campaign. Email verification is the process of checking an email address for being existent and active, aka valid. 

Why shouldn’t you skip email verification?

There are a number of reasons to love using email verification tools. Some of them are as follow: 

  • It helps keep your email lists fresh.
  • It reduces hard bounces
  • It improves email deliverability
  • It maintains high sender reputation

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How to check if email is valid

I totally get blank if you ask me to check the email list for any false signals. By reading the below methods you are able to learn the different ways to verify email address lists by saving time and devotion. 

Method 1: Send a test email to the address

This strategy is the most clear one, however we recommend you not use it in the event that you have numerous messages to check. At the point when you send an email to a phony or invalid email address, it will skip back, and you’ll get a message that your letter wasn’t conveyed or the location wasn’t found.

send test email to verify address

Method 2: Search the address in Google

This strategy will not show you if an email address is fake, however it may advise you if it’s substantial. if you have a couple of email deliveries to check – this strategy may work for you, as it will not harm your area notoriety.

Method 3: Ping the server

You can ping the mail worker and find out if the location is legitimate with the assistance of such instruments as PuTTY or Telnet. In any case, be careful, despite the fact that this strategy is very exact, it’s awkward and dangerous for your framework.

Method 4: Use email verifier

The most ideal approach to browsing if an email address is legitimate is by utilizing email verification tools that can assist you with approving email addresses with several ticks. Also, it gives you the reason for falling in a false signal. 

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