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What is SMTP Server? How to Choose the best SMTP Server for Sending Emails

February 9, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Contingency. Limited Feature. No Support is a kind of holistic muddle you face when not having your personal SMTP Service server ready for email marketing success. 

Having a configured SMTP server for email marketing means you’re not anymore limited with the services you get from free SMTP services. Personal SMTP servers allow a host of multiple advantages such as sending mass emails to large audiences and creating competitive campaigns. 

With the increase of email marketing usage in 2022, many small businesses and established ventures aggressively utilize the true sense of email marketing by setting their own SMTP infrastructure. 

In this blog, you will learn why you need a personal SMTP server and how to choose the best SMTP server for sending emails. 

What is SMTP Server? 

SMTP server by name you can analyze that it’s a server but for what purpose. Simply, SMTP is an email sending and receiving server which helps in sharing client email aka (Sender) to another prospective (chosen) client aka Receiver. 

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, in short SMTP, is a part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. SMTP is responsible for forwarding your emails from the receipt list to the receiver list. 

Additionally, the SMTP server comprises four major elements that help push your message to its destination. 

Mail user agent (MUA), mail submission agent (MSA), mail transfer agent (MTA), and mail delivery agent (MDA). Each one of them has its respective duties.

Why Do You Need a Personal SMTP Server? 

At our hub, we receive this question many times from our customers. 

In simple language, having your own SMTP server (pre-ready) saves you from the stress of mind-blow. 

A custom-created SMTP server offers intuitive benefits such as an IP rotation feature, easy tracking, and reporting, the ability to send one or thousands of emails, live support, etc.

  • To eliminate the limitations and restrictions using free email clients. 
  • It helps in high-volume email transactions.
  • Ensure that their email marketing campaigns deliver the best results.
  • Improve email deliverability, success rate, and performance.
  • SMTP services take care of many things such as causing the recipients’ systems and filters to flag your emails as spam.

Choosing The Right SMTP Server: Things To Consider Before You Buy

Now, let’s have a look at those fair factors that could help you in choosing the best SMTP service. 

A) Simplicity of SMTP 

Choose an SMTP service provider that offers a simple (ease of use) feature for your email marketing success. If you want to do multiple things, the chosen server should meet each and every aspect of your requirement effectively. 

You can measure the level of simplicity by asking them the configuration time, process, and method to complete the setup. The less time taking means the SMTP server professionals are simple and also ask for the features you receive with demo tutorials will make it easy to understand the SMTP server usage. 

B) Customer Support 

Superior customer support can solve every one of your issues…! Along these lines, it’s all around said that prior to recruiting any facilitating supplier organization, checking their degree of help is unbelievable for your business to tackle inquiries rapidly. 

Great client care can help you in a monstrous time and save your customer time also while managing or proposing. There are some outsider SMTP administrations that offer 24×7 help to help you with every one of your issues and specialized inquiries right away.

C) Pricing Plans 

There are vertical establishments that offer SMTP server benefits tailored to clients’ needs. You just have to pay online and access the service in no time. 

But be careful, don’t get yourself involved in any kind of fraud or negativity. A good SMTP server provider always ensures transparency and visible pricing on their website. You can easily explore and read in detail about their service offering and compare prices with another one. 

So, choose everything wisely…! 

Why Choose An SMTP Server Provider? 

SMTP server is a service that incorporates a proper system to function and deliver the agenda at a glance. An SMTP server provider is an organization that provides you with such benefits. 

  • All necessary hardware provided
  • Minimal effort required during setup/maintenance
  • Authenticated reputation with providers
  • Strong spam filter
  • 24/7 gigantic support
  • Expert Solution Available
  • Free Consultancy and much more

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Contact Time4Servers 

Time4Server offers cheap SMTP server plans that are easy to buy and available for every size of business that can benefit from it. Along with affordable SMTP service, we also provide you with excellent features and advantages that help you create and manage bulk mailing marketing effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of Time4Servers SMTP:

  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Send in Multi-Format
  • Free Consultation
  • Live Support and much more

To know more about SMTP servers, click here

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