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What Is an SMTP Server & How Does it Works?

July 5, 2022, Written by 0 comment

What is SMTP Server? In a world of text and server, we have emails which are very much helpful in transmitting information from one place to another or one server to another or one computer to second. 

Emails are nothing but just a combination of text Strong spam filter and attachment that sender drafts to send to a particular receiver. 

And, in between all of that, a lot of processes are happening…! 

According to a user’s perspective, emails just work with Send and Receive protocol, which is closest to its truth. 

Email uses various mail servers and varies in terms of operating system. For instance, the most popular mail server for Windows is Microsoft Exchange Server. However there are various such as Ipswitch IMail Server, IceWarp Mail Server, MailEnable, and hMailServer.

Talking about SMTP is different from these…! Let’s understand it in a bit of detail.

SMTP: What It Is and It’s Advantages

SMTP server by name you can analyze that it’s a server but of what and what purpose. Simply, SMTP is an email sending and receiving server which helps in sharing client email aka (Sender) to another prospective (chosen) client aka Receiver. 

Let’s understand more about it…!

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol in short SMTP is a part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. SMTP is responsible for forwarding your emails from the receipt list to the receiver list. 


SMTP refers to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which uses TCP/IP protocol to transfer sender mail to the sender server protocol and then transfer to the receiver server protocol in order to make it deliver to the right receiver. 

Thus, in one line, it can also refer to a computer or an app that is responsible for sending emails.

Following are the intuitive benefits of using SMTP mail server:

  • When it comes to email marketing an SMTP server is used.
  • SMTP mail server is to prevent spam using authentication mechanisms.
  • It is easy to connect, connect to any system with greater security.
  • Give you high speed deliverability.
  • Doesn’t involve any development from your side.

Try SMTP server for email marketing and ensure your email campaign to a success!

How Does Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server Works? [With Picture]

Before we get started with the steps. Have a look at the element associate with this server

  1. Sender Email Address
  2. Receiver Email Address
  3. Message Body and Attachments
  4. SMTP 1, SMTP 2 and SMTP 3
  5. HOP Count

Take a look at the basic steps of email sending and get understanding it’s role plays.

Step 1: The process starts when the sender drafts a message, enters receiver details with attachments (if any) and clicks on the send button for sending purposes. 

Step 2: Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) checks whether the domain name of the recipient and the sender is the same. If it’s matched, then the process gets even simpler, the email goes directly to the recipient’s POP3 or IMAP server. If it’s unmatched then the SMTP server has to communicate with the Domain Name Server (DNS).

Step 3: Post Office Protocol (POP3) servers are the servers that do the job of receiving mails. The number 3 is the version number of the protocol in use. The message transfer from one server to another using HOP representing a message may take as it travels to its destination.

Step 4: Now only the 50% job process remains. Once the message is handed over to the POP 3 server it is kept and stored in the mail account till the recipient logs in and checks the mail.

Step 5: When a receiver logs in to email and checks the mail, the SMTP server associated with POP 3 transfers it to the endpoint i.e. receiver address. 

And that’s how an SMTP server works or a bulk mailing server does its job…!

Why Choose an SMTP Server Provider?

Well, getting ready an email sending server from a reputable SMTP server provider counts as a beneficial part rather than manually creating an SMTP server due to the following reason. 

  • All necessary hardware provided
  • Minimal effort required during setup/maintenance
  • Authenticated reputation with providers
  • Strong spam filter
  • 24/7 gigantic support
  • Expert Solution Available
  • Free Consultancy and much more

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