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Email Verification Tools: What are the best practices for email verification?

January 14, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Email verification is the contingent part of email campaigns because the success deliverability score is dependent on it.

Your email address defines the inbox deliverability score and also assists in improving IP reputation.

Email marketers can use email verification tools to analyze, quickly remove invalid, disposal, span trap, abusive and other harmful email addresses that can ruin your email campaign efforts.

In this blog we have mentioned the best practices for email verification. The methods are entail here are best and renowned in the present.

In general, the overall email verification process works in three easy steps. These are

  • Syntax and formatting check
  • Server confirmation
  • Mailbox validation

Fetching Email Syntax and Formatting

In case you didn’t know all the email addresses whether users, commercial or any follows universal standard email syntax. Email syntax refers to the correct order in which email address should be created.

In contrast to the email verification, it is the first thing that email verification services check for the correct email syntax order. For instance, an unfeigned Yahoo email address cannot start with a number.

Further, the service checks for the email formatting. Let me tell you one thing that these filtered with complex rules like the syntax rules, dictate which usernames are acceptable for email addresses. The most common method that checks email format up to mark is the ‘@’ sign is mandatory for any email address.

Server Confirmation

After the email address format and syntax are checked, the confirmation administration will presently proceed onward to server confirmation. The administration will check the DNS records for the area name of the email addresses. In the event that you have an email address “”, the domain name is referred to “XYZ Home Page –”. The administration will test the mail exchanger as a component of this cycle to guarantee that the email address is substantial and ready to acknowledge messages.

Mailbox Validation

The last and most significant advance of the confirmation is the mailbox validation. In this progression, the letter drop is approved by administration. They’ll attempt to contact the SMTP server for email marketing and comprehend whether the specific post box exists and on the off chance that it does, is it prepared to acknowledge messages.

Here, the verification service will ping the email address with an EHLO message and afterward hang tight for a reaction from the email server. At the point when a server reaction is gotten, it will affirm the email address and that it exists on the worker and is dynamic.

Supercharge your email marketing by referring and considering the method mentioned here. This also helps you in better making your email campaign. In the end, you can also take help email verification software that quickly and easily trap out spam or abuse filter email addresses and deliver you new or fresh potential email lists for successful email campaigns.

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