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Top 6 Bulk Mailing Services Providers in UAE

February 22, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Mass Email Marketing or you could say Bulk Mailing Services is a type of email marketing practice in which a sender (venture or enterprise) sends bulk emails (either transactional or promotional) to the receipts (in bulk) using a reliable bulk mailing server. 

Sending such huge emails to the list requires powerful and configured mailing server features with a host of benefits such as multiple IPs, dedicated server, fast uptime, detailed analytics, etc.

In UAE (United Arab Emirates) businesses often rely on email techniques to multiply sales and quantify healthy relationships with audiences. 

However, email techniques are used for many versatile purposes. If you’re excited about starting an email campaign, be sure about the mail server. 

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About Bulk Mailing Services UAE

Already, eCommerce ventures in Dubai nailed the online market and propagated emails as a prime technique, thereby, other eCommerce small sellers also approach email marketing. 

This means utilizing email marketing in UAE with verticals of any field could deliver you good results. 

Here I’ve mentioned some eye-opening email marketing statistics that literally shook you: 

  • UAE enterprises heavily rely on email marketing because it amounts to more than 70% of business retention and acquisition. 
  • According to the survey, 45% of customers appreciate receiving promotional emails.
  • With the rise in smartphone integration, approximately 50% of people open emails on mobiles.

In this way, you could imagine the success rate of email marketing in Dubai as an example for your business. 

How Does a Bulk Mailing Server Help Your Business?

Speaking honestly, a very few percentages of businesses that know about bulk mailing services in UAE offer quick and reliable bulk mailing server optimization, configuration, and management at affordable cost. 

Since the consumption of free mail server provider assistance is ignored by a large number of people, indeed, they switch to paid mail server installation due to the following advantages. 

  • Save your small business money
  • Develop your customer base
  • This leads to better targeting
  • Increased customer receptivity
  • No limitation on email sending
  • Detailed analytics with graph 
  • Intelligent dashboard and more

Having an intelligent bulk mailing server configured at your infrastructure could literally save money & time and could lead to better management. 

Thinking about a bulk mailing server? 

Want to send trillions of messages without any complications? Then you need some reliable and experienced mail marketing companies. 

Below I’ve mentioned the top six bulk mailing services providers in UAE, look at them and actively ask for service. 

Top Bulk Email Marketing & Mailing Server Provider in Dubai/UAE/Saudi Arabia

The list is extremely pinned after comprehensive research and is mentioned here to help you to end your search. These companies are voted for delivering high-quality bulk mailing services in UAE and thereby honest, experienced, and trustworthy. 

1) Time4Servers – No.1 Email Marketing and Digital Marketing Company 

Time4Servers is one of the best email marketing partners for your business. Their services are affordable as well as pocket-friendly. They have a host of plenty of services to help you grow your business. 

Being the best provider in their realm, they offer great mailing services, high-quality offshore servers, and premium digital marketing services. 

Under the roof of mailing services, they provide you multiple services related to mailing servers such as bulk mailing services, SMTP server for email marketing, Email management solution, and PowerMta services. 


  • Full-Time Technical Support
  • Experience programmers
  • Latest and Advanced Technologies
  • High Route Server
  • Great Security
  • Affordable Service

Also, new customers can get 10% off on mailing server orders. Hurry Up!! Contact us

2) Alwafaa Group – The Digital Marketing Expert in UAE

They offer expert digital marketing consultation and email marketing services especially focused to small businesses. They deploy mass mail marketing services to any type of organization via portal and database. 


  • Send mass emails with database
  • Send mass emails without a database
  • Certified Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

3) Webxion – Mass Mailing Service Provider UAE

Webxion could be the best odds of bet for you as they offer mailing services at the most affordable rates. Providing Bulk Email Service UAE since 2009 while keeping a proven track of delivering services with leading brands worldwide.


  • 100% affordable mailing server plans
  • 360-degree email marketing campaign
  • Bulk Email Plan starting 50K unto 500K credits

4) KVN Mail – The Perfect Solutions for Email Marketing

KVN Mail is a house of reliable and experienced email marketing agencies which provide easy email marketing solutions in three steps >> Register and choose package >> Upload Contact and Content >> Send Campaign. 


  • No Contract, No Early Payment Required 
  • Start with a free trial feature
  • Affordable and reliable

5) Prism – Email Marketing Agency in Dubai 

Prism acts as a soul for your needs because they offer complete and comfortable email marketing services in Dubai with greater flexibility. They provide you with the best email marketing services by email building, sending, and reporting in the most efficient manner.


  • Developing email marketing campaigns
  • Designing and creating an email template
  • Highly customized and personalized emails

6) RIBS Technologies – Best For Small Business 

At last, the list ends with RIBS Technologies deals in digital marketing such as SEO, mobile app, website development and designing including email marketing. They provide email viral campaign management, content and database management, email subscription engine, and large volume broadcast of email marketing services.


  • Send more than 1000 Emails with few clicks
  • Managing the email ids, sent reports
  • Allows check and monitor the results

Conclusion: Bulk Mailing Company in UAE 

Thanks for going through the list of top Saudi Arabia Mail marketing companies. Tell us which one do you prefer and why! 

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any suggestions or ideas…I am excited to hear! Commend down.

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