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Top 5 Alternatives to Mailgun SMTP | Relay Server

September 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

 Did you know? 

Email sending work with various sets of protocols. The most reliable way to sending emails is using Relay Server like SMTP server.

SMTP servers are brilliant in handling bulk emails messages. You create campaigns, and bulk emails are triggered for different purposes to different regions. Using SMTP ensures fastest email delivery with no hedge result. Using SMTP ensures fastest email deliverability with no hadge result.

Currently, Mailgun SMTP is a leading Relay cloud-based powerful transactional email service for providing niche email services, keeping developers in mind.

We have mentioned the top five best competitors of Mailgun SMTP cloud-based relay server (Alternatives to Mailgun SMTP). These five listed providers are best-in-class and similar to mailgun offering. 

You can opt any, according to your needs and budget space! 

1. Sendgrid

Cloud-based SMTP provider, Sendgrid offers Web API or SMTP API for sending mass transactional features emails. With their email services you can ‘send email confidently’ – as their word of mouth! They offer mass email deliverability service including, shipping notifications, email newsletters, password resets, and much more. 

Why consider this provider? 

  • Open and click tracking feature.
  • drag-and-drop interface.
  • Supports DKIM, SPF, CAN-SPAM Compliance, and regulations to ensure better reputation and deliverability rate.
  • Other external compliance solutions.

2. Time4Servers

You want to send a bulk email like a newsletter or a commercial offer to a crowd audience – Time4Servers superior 100% cloud-based SMTP server for bulk marketing is there with your email idea forever. They provide first-grade and optical managed email marketing servers for complete emails deliverables. This is the cheapest SMTP server provider international-based. 

Why consider this provider? 

  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Send in Multi-Format
  • Dedicated team and live support

More SMTP Service Providers.

3. Amazon SES

Cloud-based and cheapest alternatives to mailgun – Amazon SES is a perfect solution to deliver emails, that application runs in your own data center, within Amazon EC2(Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), or as a client software solution, it’s effectively usable. They have an efficient dashboard that looks closer to issues and take corrective measures to solve them. 

Why consider this provider? 

  • Content filtering, dedicated IP addresses and more features.
  • Apply settings to prevent bounces and spam complaints.
  • Conduct different types of marketing campaigns.

4. Sparkpost

Sparkpost is the world’s first predictive email platform with the true potential of email analytics that increases the email performance. But, the major reason why everyone does not consider it, because of the pricing.

Why consider this provider? 

  • Easy embedding of your email into your website or product
  • Access to personalized responsive email templates.
  • Supports DKIM, DMARC, and  SPF for email authentication to verify email addresses.
  • Fully integrated Email Sending and Analytics Platform

5. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is the best alternative of Mailgun. They have powerful SMTP Relay services in terms of deliverability and features. Using their digital marketing tools you can use emails with easy integration with WordPress. 

Why consider this provider? 

  • Easy drag and drop editor for professionals.
  • Setup options like API, SMTP Relay,marketing automation.
  • Offer ready-made email templates.
  • They offer SMS marketing and live chat functionality.

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In the end, SMTP server is like a calling demand for emails sending and enhance. These five competitive lists of mailgun alternatives help you with picking the right SMTP server.

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