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Tips to Choose The Right Bulk Email Validation Service Provider

January 20, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Some email marketing companies also provide email validation services in order to revamp email marketing campaigns fruitfully.

It is true that there are certain hidden pitfalls observed in email marketing. It could be observed in server configuration or in the list of email addresses.

It’s a fact that 30% of email marketers may fail to organize an abuse-free list of email addresses which cause further blacklist or spam delivery.

In order to take out and sustain an error-free list of emails you would rather consider email validation software that filters unwanted email addresses and gives 99.99% adequate potent emails.

Using email verification services, the best part is email managers can frequently test bulk email addresses and check for the pitfall email instantly.

Why Is Email Validation Important?

Primarily, email verification or validation is the most popular and renowned tactic of email marketing to keep the mailing lists healthy, also, this feature is at the core and vital to perform before initializing email campaigns.

  • Reduces email bounces
  • Shows accurate campaign insights
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Increases campaign ROI
  • Saves efforts in fixing bounces
  • Prevents deliverability issues
  • Protects Sender Reputation and more

Email validation is vital for email campaigns, and there are various email validation services out in the market that vary from provider to provider. Hence, it has become important to choose the right email validation company.

Here in this guide, we will discuss some helpful points that help you in choosing the right bulk email validation service provider.

Let’s get started…!

1. Speed and Accuracy

It is important to have speed and accuracy against the data fetch and delivery by these email validation softwares. In general, email verification tools work extremely well, but when it comes to testing for bulk email addresses their speed and accuracy matter most.

So, it’s our advice to recommend using fast, speedy, and accurate email verification tools.

2. Data Security and GDPR Compliance

An effort made to send email isn’t absolute static, it’s functional, behind the bar, several activities processed for sending one email to the destination. Out of many, security check and GDPR compliance is one of them.

To be compliant with GDPR, email consent should meet several requirements such as positive sign-in, consent request, etc.

3. Features and Pricing

An optimal email verification tool has all-type of contingent features to cater email marketing needs. And our email verification software comprises all of them, like rich data security, work on any domain, 99% accuracy, and much more.

In addition to email verification, our software comes with pocket-friendly solutions which means, high features at low-price. Decrease your sending reputation and increase your email marketing success at an affordable bulk email verification pricing plan.

4. Free Plan or Trial Availability

Many adverse email validation service providers offer free plan or trial features to their clients. This feature helps them to learn more about their services before buy.

We highly advised you to try trial availability before paying for your concerned services.

Final Thought

It isn’t hard or very challenging to choose the best email verification service. With this guide and tips you may choose the right provider instantly. In case you are a budget centric person, check their pricing feature and compare with two or more, this actually helps.

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