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Things to know before you opt for bulletproof smtp server

July 13, 2022, Written by 0 comment

There is a peak of difference between general SMTP server and Bulletproof SMTP Server. 

However, the characteristics and bodies of working are similar and both are used for email sending purposes. 

But when it comes to sending private emails over a private server i.e. an uncensored server then you need a bulletproof smtp server. 

Beside, there are rigorous advantages of using this type of server over general. But, the use of uncensored servers for email marketing is a limited, little business approach. 

Not every business uses this type of mailing server, but, mostly, where the business is handcuffed in pronography, gambling, illegal activities, etc. mainly they are using most, i.e. 80% of their jobs. 

It helps them in email marketing, sending personalized emails, and more by-passing their IP uncensored, securely. 

Here in this blog you will read about five important things to know before opting for a bulletproof SMTP server. 

What Is a Bulletproof SMTP Server?

Bulletproof bulk email server or bulletproof smtp server is a powerful email server which helps email marketer or mailer to send bulk emails (privately and securely) through multiple simultaneous connections. Not only this, sending large emails, you require high-speed and solid IPs connection, so a bulletproof email server is used. 

Five Important Things To Know Before Buying Bulletproof SMTP Server

Are you buying a bulletproof SMTP server, hold on! Look at these foolproof points before buying. 

Know the Features: How about checking the features you are getting, at least once! Actually, not all bulletproof smtp server providers offer you the same kind of features as one offered you. So, it’s important to know the features you are getting. Some common features you may find such as sending large email in a minute, managing and controlling all your email through a panel, sending emails more than one IPs. 

Functions Offered: Bulletproof servers offer you intuitive functions related to email sending like hiding IPs, sending anonymous, and more. Beside these most providers offer you advanced functions such as Pre-Configured Server, Rocket Speed Delivery, Gigantic Support, and more. 

Type of Security: The level of hardness in terms of security and privacy is important while buying a bulletproof smtp server. As the centered job of this server is to provide you independent control in sending emails anonymous.

Ask the provider about security and privacy protection. 

Level of Freedom: What you can do? And what potential you can do is an important question when it comes to uncensored mail servers. Here the term ‘level of freedom’ signifies the authority you’re getting with the server. Most providers offer you rich panels to monitor, manage, and control the activity easily and effectively. 

Level of Support: At the end, it all happens good, but at a certain point you have an error or the server just stopped responding, at that point, experience support is a virtue. So, look for a 24/7 support system. 

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