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Mastering Google Ads: All The Way To a Google Certified

April 29, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Google ads certification has recently been introduced as a great opportunity for individuals who want to upgrade their knowledge and seek to work in the advertisement world. As one of the most recognized companies, Google offers this course to everyone without any cost to uplift their portfolio.

Now, if you are looking to have a grasp on the advertising industry, getting certified with Google can be a wonderful choice for you. It can elevate your job prospects and can separate you from the crowd.

Mastering Google Ads - Time4servers

In this article, we are going to summarise the steps to becoming a Google ads expert, and will also provide you with some of the tips to consider while going through the course. So the steps to get certified with Google ads are-

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1. Learning the Basics

Yes, it sure looks like everyone is aware of this fact in the industry, so why has this article come up with such a lame starter? Well, before you even start your journey of Google certification, you must know the basics of it.

So to start with, we suggest every newbie go through the “Google Fundamentals” course that teaches you how to create and manage campaigns, how to set gigs and budgets, and also to track the performance of your campaigns.

Learning the Basics of Google Ads - Time4servers

This can help you understand the industry, and will also help you access your strengths and weaknesses that can be really helpful for you in the future.

2. Initiating a Google Ads Account

Now the second step to your journey will include the setup of an ads account. To become certified with the course, you need to have an account. This is also free at the Paid ads website and is accessible to everyone with a device and an internet connection.

Initiating a Google Ads Account

Once you have created an account, you can start creating campaigns and projects. You must create as much as possible, with better quality and expressions into the projects. Keeping an account of those projects is also necessary as it will help you reach businesses.

3. Google Ads Certification Exams 

After learning the Paid ads services and all their elements of it, you will be supposed to give two main exams. The first one is called the Google Fundamentals, and the second advanced test is called the Certification test.

The certification test includes subjects like search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising. This requires a high level of determination and a good score to get verified.

Google Ads Certification Exam

Google provides you with every study material, including blogs, video tutorials, and practice tests. So that you can prepare for your exams, and can do great in them.

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4. Maintaining Google Ads Certification 

Last and the most important part comes just after you get certified through clearing the Google Ads certification exams, and that part is maintaining the certification degree.

Maintaining Google Ads Certification  - Time4servers

To maintain your certification as a Google Ads expert, you are meant to appear for the exam after every year, as the certification expires in one year. Moreover, Google suggests you take the exams before the expiry date to avoid any gap in between.

Tips For Success in Google Ads 

After knowing about Paid ads, and how to become a Google ads expert, now is the time to give you some extra tips for your success in the industry. So, here are some of the features that can separate you from others-

Google ads expert - Time4servers
  1. Preparation is the key: Set aside a bare minimum of time to learn and practice all the things as the exams require a high level of knowledge in the field, and cannot be broken down that easily.
  1. Take Advantage of Google’s Free Material: Even after being a tough nut to crack, all you have to do for the exams is to study for the study materials provided by Google. In this case, there is no need to go outside the box.
  1. Practice Through Creation: The more you practise and create, the better the chances of passing will be there in the exams. So harness every skill that is being taught to you with practice, and you will easily get over the questions in the exams.
  1. Importance of Real-World Examples: Inculcate real-world experiences while studying the concepts of Paid Ads. In this way, you will be more vigilant and active while learning, and will also perform well at your work.
  1. Be Active With New Trends and Upgrades: This is one of the major mistakes that a Google Ads expert often makes, and that mistake is not evolving at a constant rate. Improving your knowledge and keeping up with new trends is what is required in a successful Google Ads expert.

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Mastering Google Ads: Conclusion

When we find opportunities, they are everywhere. Well, in the case of being a Google Ads expert, they are.

The more you get hungry for your growth, the further this single possibility can take you. Google Ads certification is just like a medal to your portfolio and can provide you with numerous job opportunities. 

So follow the mentioned steps in this article, and carve out the best for yourself in Paid Ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What score do I need to have to pass Google Ads Examinations?

The bare minimum of 80% is what is required to become a Google Ads expert in the industry and to initiate working for clients.

Is there any cost to any of the processes of being a Google ads expert?

No, the program is totally free and requires nothing more than your time and interest to do it.

How long is Google Ads certification valid?

Once you have passed the exams, the certification remains valid for a year, and then you have to reappear for the same exams to continue being a Google Ads expert.

What happens if I fail the Google Ads certification exams?

If you failed the exams, then you can reappear for the same after 7 days.

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