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Holiday Email Marketing Ideas & Examples by the Expert

December 9, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Wow! Is just someone said ‘holiday’ – I love to party on holidays.

Holidays might be a superior way for small businesses to increase their ‘cling’ sales. And through Email Marketing this can be done at least cost.

And you would be surprised to know that 70% retailers use email marketing as a part of holiday marketing plans.

Let me ask you one thing…Is email marketing part of your holiday marketing plans?

Unlike normal routine days, holidays are special because something is special about to chill and fry on this day.

For instance, Christmas is near to come and all Americans and Indians are excited about making the day ‘awesome’.

Here is your chance to propel and serve them with your exciting products and ideas.

When done right, email marketing can have a major impact on your holiday sales…!

But, only a strategic email management plan gives you success! So, how to fit email into your holiday marketing plans?

Have no idea? Don’t worry

We’ve got you covered!

Here are 11 email marketing examples of how email marketing can work for your small business or organization. And the best part is – this really drives sales.

11 Amazing Holiday Email Marketing Ideas (With Brand-Driven Examples)

#1. Holiday Announcement

Before your customer knows about upcoming holidays, tangle them with your special ‘holiday announcement’ sale or offer or something special. Remember, frontier wins the race!

Source Mailigen

#2. Early Bird Offer

The world is huge and so people are! Sure, you’ve customers that buy your product on first launch. So, how about planning an ‘Early Bird Offer’ for shoppers and promoting it to your email list.

#3. Free Shipping

The idea is to promote and place orders on big shopping days like ‘Black Friday Sale’ and ‘New Year’ by offering free shipping. Also a free shipping email marketing idea prompt to recover abandoned cart shopping.

Source Sendx

#4. Holiday Freebie

Giveaways and Freebies are popular mediums to capture customer attention or boost relationships. Encourage people to shop ‘even small’ during the holidays with a special giveaway.

Example of giveaway email marketing campaign

#5. Weekend Sale

People love to shop on weekends and studies show that 40% of people wait for a weekend sale to shop at low-price from a brand.

Example of a weekend sale email campaign

#6. Holiday Video

Adding video into email results in Higher Click-Through Rate, Increased Time On Email, and More Social Sharing. Create a holiday video with you or your staff – such as celebrate the season.

Example of an email campaign featuring holiday video

#7. Preview Sale

In general it’s a discount (“sale”) given a day before to attract customers. Some brands allow their loyal customers to buy something on the preview day but only take home the next day or after the specified day mentioned.

Example of a preview sale email campaign

#8. Holiday Party Ideas

You have a brilliant chance to serve your customers and have no idea about how to do a holiday party. Suggesting to them ideas on how to make their lives easier during the holiday season may lead to building a positive relationship.

Example of a holiday party email

#9. Holiday Reminder

During holidays may your customers be busy but don’t give them a reason to forget about your offer. Send a holiday reminder, timely.

Example of a holiday reminder email campaign

#10. Last-Minute Offer

Assist your last-minute shoppers to find the perfect gift with a special last-minute offer.

Example of an email campaign featuring last-min offer

#11. Give Thanks

Tell customers what you and your staff are thankful for this holiday season.

Example of a courtesy email idea

It’s Not Too Late! Think of Holiday Email Marketing

Appreciate giving time reading this blog. Think of Holiday Email Marketing and ease the business doing. Use our Email Verification tool today and create a 100% active email list for good results.

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