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Hacking: Understanding the Different Ways of Unauthorised Accessing

April 15, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Hacking is the practice of getting unauthorised or malicious access to one’s computer or network. Various computer experts use these practices to fulfill their evil intentions by the use of vulnerabilities in the systems.

Many hackers use this to get credential information like credit card details, personal details, and many more. This has emerged as a rising threat to technology and is developing too with the developing security counters.

In this article, we will understand what the term hacking means. And what are Black Hat Hacking, White Hat Hacking, and Grey Hat Hacking? We will also know some of the major ways to protect your information from hackers and to have a safe and sound identity.

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What is Black Hat Hacking?

Black Hat Hacking refers to using the practices of hacking to gain unauthorised access to systems with a malicious intent to take over the data on it. Generally, activities like theft and robbery are done through this type of hacking and is considered a huge crime by the law.

Black hat hackers use this practice to gain sensitive data like social security numbers, personal details, even contacts, and Black Hat SEO. They can even install malware to cause damage to your systems and to make your system vulnerable in times of need.

The practice requires a high level of knowledge and skill in computers. The job that gets done by these practices is considered among the national crimes and requires a high level of consciousness.

What is White Hat Hacking?

Also known as ethical hacking, White Hat Hacking includes the practices that act as a defensive step by the organisations and networks for their safety. This type of hacker helps in finding the vulnerabilities in the network and provides counter measures. So that any black hat hacker cannot make use of it.

White hat hackers are typically a legal way of practicing hacking and are a better use of the growing technology. They provide recommendations on how to improve the security of a network, and also help in implementing those changes. 

With white hat hackers, society can live free without fear of getting robbed in any way on the internet. They are the ones who make the internet more reliable and safe for visits. 

What is Grey Hat Hacking?

There is another type of hacking that is not so popular among the people. Yes, a hacking practice that works in both offensive and defensive manners whatsoever. Grey hat hackers are the one who finds vulnerabilities in a system of a network, but later on, intend to use that vulnerability for personal gains.

The grey hat hackers seek the vulnerabilities in one’s network and then use that vulnerability for their own good. They often are independent workers attached to no organisations or firms.

With the desire of helping out with improvements, they uphold a greedy personality, who regularly seeks financial gains from the companies. They are the real crooks who pretend to be a responsible user of technology.

How To Protect Ourselves From Hacking?

After knowing all about what hacking is? And all the different types of hacking. It is now time to know some basic immune to hackings that can really help you out with your visit to the internet.

So here are some of the ways in which you can secure your identity from being hacked-

1. Importance of Strong Passwords 

This looks a little dumb but is a major concern in the digital world. People tend to use easy passwords for the convenience of remembering them on time, which is a total chaos as the hackers can easily determine those passwords, and can get access to your computers.

So using strong and separate passwords are what we need to possess a secure identity over the internet. A password that contains an uppercase, a lowercase, and a number of special characters along with it.

2. System and Software Update 

Another big mistake that people generally make is by not updating their software and antiviruses, which can be a deadly factor for your digital identity and data. 

Hackers can get into the systems by using the vulnerabilities of the older versions of software and can get access to all your data and personal documents. So running regular checkups, and keeping updated software is a must in the 21st century of human existence.

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3. Be Wary of Phishing Activities 

A most common yet very effective way of hacking is the use of fraud links in messages and emails to get someone’s login credentials and other sensitive details.

Hackers intend to do this to trick people, and eventually lead them towards a theft with their own consent. Here, the user didn’t even realise his mistake, and his whole life savings get dissolved in a second.

So being cautious with such messages and phone calls are our only responsibility. We have to keep in mind that sharing login credentials with anyone can result in harm to our digital assets.

4. WiFi Security

Last but not least this article is to have a strong password for your wifi connection. As it is one of the most easy access for a hacker to steal your sensitive information, and to get into your systems without your knowledge.

A number of cases have been filed with this issue of hacking in the past some years. It has been that breaking into someone’s digital presence gets very easy if you know their wifi passwords.

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With being so much dependent on the digital world, keeping a safe and sound presence is what everyone expects. But to do so, we need the knowledge and initiatives that can help us with those securities.

By following the above ways, and being more careful with your internet usage, anyone can have a great experience of the digital world without any problem whatsoever.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to protect oneself from hacking attempts?

By keeping software and systems updated, using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, being wary of phishing attempts, using antivirus and firewall software, securing Wi-Fi networks, and practicing safe browsing, anyone can avoid being hacked. It can have a great journey over the web.

How can I secure my Wi-Fi network?

Use a strong password and encryption, disable guest networks, change default network names and passwords, and limit access to only trusted devices.

What should I do if I think my account has been hacked?

Start with changing your password and enable two-factor authentication. Contact the website or service provider to report the incident and ask for further guidance on securing your account.

What are some common signs of a phishing attempt?

Attempts including emails or messages from unknown sources, requests for personal information, urgent or threatening language, and suspicious links or attachments are some common signs of phishing activities.

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