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Top 4 Features You Need In An Email Verifier

January 22, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In the digital marketing era, you could imagine how big email marketing is! In 2022, your business needs these kinds of marketing tools. And email marketing has proved to be one of the prime trends of digital marketing in the world. Mainly all professionals choose to communicate with their clients or customers and reach out to leads through email. Email Verifier is the tool that provides you to check the mail is valid or not.

If you are concerned about your bounce rate and your email list needs proper cleaning then you are most likely thinking of using a trusted and good Email verification tool. But the big question is what does a good and trustable email verifier look like? For someone who has never heard or used an email verifier, it definitely can be quite difficult to determine. 

Save time by reading our Top 4 email verifier features that can help you in your business.  

What Is An Email Verifier?

An email validator is a powerful outreach tool, plugin, or SaaS product that lets a marketer verify email addresses and ensure that they exist and are valid.

These days, most email verifiers are available as online services, that is, a plugin or SaaS, as you can access them anytime and anywhere from any device. You only need a good internet connection to use them. You don’t even have to worry about updates as the developers and vendors of the service take care of it.

Top Email Verifier Features

1. Data Security

In terms of data security, it is vital to understand that your data is more important than anything else. Data protection is a very crucial field to talk over with your email verification company.


Before you do any purchase and submit your email list on their platform, ask for all the essential information you seek. Check and read their all terms and privacy policy and make sure that your Email verifier is using your information as the sole motivation behind improving its quality.

2. Complexity

There are many types of email verifiers that give many types of verifying of email according to their services and our requirements. Some of them offer free of cost and basic service that’s why they are not so reliable and some of them offer only a limited quantity of unsafe email addresses. However, there are a few email marketing companies out there that will analyze it in detail and break down your long list. The complex outcome you receive will give a better quality of your information. The detail you will get is so important for your email marketing system.

Research the company’s website to learn as much as possible about the company’s capabilities. A good email verifier should be able to separate or catch-all unsafe, temporary, abused contacts or invalid email addresses. Plus, there’s a high focus on spam trap detection, a key feature that can make a big difference in your email purity.

3. Accuracy 

Always analyze what the company says on its website. Some email verification companies do not promise a certain accuracy on the results. State the information and important details very clearly on the first page, and also provide a money-back guarantee.

Many Email Marketing Companies self-stated that a good email verifier should give 98% accuracy, if an email verifier is not able to deliver that then search for another email marketing company.

4. Live Chat Support


Think of it this way – you are using one of the biggest email verification tools with premium support benefits. Suddenly, you got caught up in something that didn’t seem good enough to meet the situation. At that point, you need a quick, easy, and reliable support service from the provider or email validator owner.

Hence, live chat support gives your credibility to ask as well as get an effective solution to the problem directly from the expert.

Benefits Of Email Verification

There are several benefits associated with email authentication software. The good thing about email verification tools is that they polish your email campaigns effortlessly by eliminating the inactive email addresses which lead you to enjoy the following benefits. 

  1. Reduces bonus rate
  2. Provides accurate insights
  3. Saves money
  4. Gets better ROI
  5. Reduces efforts in fixing bonuses
  6. Increases engagement rates
  7. Avoid emailing risky accounts
  8. Identify catch-all mail servers 
  9. Detects all temporary accounts
  10. Protects your reputation
  11. Saves from getting penalized
  12.  Helps build a reliable database for marketing teams


If you want your business to grow contact an email marketing company or either you must work hard to make your email campaigns a success. Only then can you sell more. It is important to make sure that the email accounts you are sending emails to are valid. Having non-existent or inactive email accounts on your list can only hinder your growth and even cost you money. That’s why you should use an email verifier and eliminate email accounts that are not valid. A good email verification tool will complex your exceed plan and give you better results.

However, if you have a problem with email verification then you could hire an Email Marketing Company that deals in this.

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