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Email Validation: A Critical Success Factor in Email Marketing

June 16, 2021, Written by 0 comment

The need for email validation stays forever because every entity somewhere uses email marketing to facilitate work-in-progress and achieve the goal. 

Today, connecting with customers readily requires email practices and thereby businesses often use email verification for successful email campaign creation. 

Yes, it is true saying that email marketing success depends on email validation metrics. 

What is Email Validation? 

Typically, email validation is a technique and process checking bulk email list (address) for false signals. It checks each email address for wrong IPs, dead IDs, and spam lists. 

Therefore, email verifiers are an important element of email campaigns and should not be ignored by any email marketer manager.

It is considered a critical success factor in email marketing because it helps email marketer sending emails to non-polluted recipients which further may bring higher-sales i.e. high conversion. 

The email validator tool cleans and eliminates the pollutant email address from the list and offers fresh, authentic, and reliable email IPs for email campaigns. 

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Features of Email Verifier 

Email verification service can vary from provider to provider. It is not necessarily important to have the same kind of feature present in different email verification tools. 

However, the agenda of every email verifier is the same i.e. checking for spam email traps. 

Most email verifier tools replicate to eliminate bad email addresses along with some of the following marvel features. 

  • Bulk email list verification 
  • Single email verification 
  • Real-time verification API
  • Bulk email verification and reporting
  • Instant bounce analysis
  • Live support

A good email verification software could have more features other than mentioned above.

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Benefits of Email Validation 

Email confirmation, or email approval, is a likely answer for the pandemic of off base or deserted email addresses. Email check can step in to keep your associations current with faithful supporters or intrigued possibilities for better email promoting results.

1. Saving money and improving ROI

The greatest advantage is the measure of cash you can save through diminished promoting costs. Each message that is sent addresses dollars spent, so each advertising message that moves to nonexistent or erroneous email addresses compares to dollars down the channel. 

With a more precise, email verification tool, you’ll probably report a generally speaking better yield on speculation for your endeavors.

2. Actionable data insights and segmentation

An approved email list will disclose to you who’s a functioning client and who has utilized your organization’s administrations or items before, among numerous different experiences. 

This gives an approach to additional portions of your email advertising procedure. You can send separate information to each gathering, boosting bunch individuals to return or offering them refreshes identified with their new buys.

3. Enhanced reputation

Email approval can go far toward keeping up your status as a respectable brand with your Email Service Provider (ESP), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and target crowd. 

That is the reason you need an email validation strategy in your email promoting procedure to remain significant and receive the numerous rewards of an email advertising effort – something else, your message is simply failing to attract anyone’s attention.


Remember! Real customers come with real email addresses

If you have real customer email data you could relentlessly and easily scale email campaign success and increase ROI. 

Are you preparing for your email campaign? Hold one! 

Try our email validation tool and grow your email marketing business. 

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