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Email Marketing Trends To Use In 2021

February 15, 2021, Written by 0 comment


Email Marketing was the pin-point and hot-centric least cost involved marketing tactics in 2020 for many fortunate brands and organizations. 

Even now, it is cost-effective, proven significant to many companies, but the question is, is it worth doing in 2021? 

Back to 2020 year, where the world is fighting from coronavirus (at present too) changes a lot of things including email marketing as well. 

Simply put, many companies learn new things and anticipate trending concepts in their email messages – what are they? 

The pandemic realises the email marketers to add emotion and safety into the prior email campaign. And that’s important as it is the demand of time. 

Other than this, there are many notable trends to be observed in the email marketing industry. We have mentioned the top six email campaign trends that are remarkably proven significant for companies and startups.

Before we dig…let’s read some giant brand thoughts on 2021 email marketing trends. 

Some Giant Email Marketing Companies Thoughts on Email Marketing Trends for 2021

  • Chad S. White is the Head of Research at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting and author of ‘Email Marketing Rules’ – “Email marketing trends in 2021 will be driven by the K-shaped recovery from the pandemic whereby some sort of companies anticipated strategically while some failed to do that”
  • Tim. founder of email marketing consultancy Zettasphere and EOS Implementer at Traction Six – “The fundamental principle behind email marketing will never change. Send the right message, to the right person at the right time”
  • Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing – “Helpfulness, Customer-Centric, and Personalization still are the key pillar of CX marketing and in the pandemic time it’s raise to fire”

Six Email Marketing Trends For A More Efficiency Strategy In 2021

Truely, the agenda behind email marketing is to strengthen your brand idea with your customers, potentially, though it is highly important to anticipate efficient and effective strategy that would undie, at the time when your target customer sees and reads messages. 

These recorded trends for 2021 are enough for a more efficiency strategy needed for email marketing. Have a look…

#1. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence Into Email Marketing Practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) into email marketing, the action is still confusing to most companies both newbie and experienced marketers. Well, AI accredited email campaigns are 70% accurate and result-driven than human strategic implementation. 

List segmentation, content analysis and effective outreach are some instances where all the tasks that AI can already do are better than humans. Conclusion, grasping AI to optimise your email marketing is brilliant thought in 2021.

#2. Hyper-Personalization of Email Marketing

The concept of email marketing is now evolving, traditionally it is used for the purpose to generate revenue but in these days, most companies use it to better understand their audience, raising brand awareness and all happen through one-to-one personal email creation. 

The work of making customized email gets straightforward with the utilization of AI. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence makes it simpler to guarantee personalisation by getting more information about your clients. 

Source: mailigen

After getting a non-customized or mistargeted email, 94% of clients report taking in any event one of the accompanying activities:

  • 68%: Automatically delete emails
  • 54%: Unsubscribe from emails
  • 45%: Categorize emails as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’
  • 29%: Become less willing to buy products
  • 13%: Visit the website less frequently
  • 10%: Never visit the website again

Remember, missing a personalisation spark on your email marketing can result in anything from mailing list degradation, to an overall failure of the email marketing campaign.

#3. Email Marketing Automation: The Power of Drip Campaigns

‘Automated emails enjoy 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails’

Drip Campaign, in these days, is coming sort of popular and in fact, surprisingly for many companies it simplifies email marketing at 80% as email marketing automation uses sequences of trigger-based emails instead of one-time shots, thus, saving time, efforts, and money. 

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#4. User-Generated Content

Another big trend that emerged earlier this year is utilising user-generated content in email marketing campaigns. User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content (text, videos, images, audio) created by end-users of goods or services.

Moreover, this prompts them to convert. A large portion of consumers claim that user-generated reviews are extremely valuable.

#5. Interactive Emails

This trend has just been around for some time yet is simply going to develop further in 2021. Intuitive responsive messages are the sacred goal of email showcasing. They help client commitment and fundamentally increment email association.

Some interactive emails elements propel in 2021: 

  • Animated buttons and CTAs
  • Surveys, polls and user-generated interactive content
  • Interactive image and product carousels, controlled by the user

#6. Email Redesign

The design of email may not matter to you but for your customer may it be the pin-point making decisions. 

In 2021, the hottest email design trends cover the following areas…

  • Uncluttered, well-structured emails with a single objective and minimum irrelevant details.
  • Dark-mode, sizzle and apparently give people a chance to embrace their inner goths.
  • Bright and bold colors fascinate the eye and feel warmth to attract a subscriber’s attention.
Conclusion: Email Marketing Trends 2021

In the end, email marketing looks pattle if done wisely it delivers convenient results and incorporating these trends you likely create the optimal email campaign. It’s better to rely on these trends and complement email marketing software to achieve growth and increase ROI. 

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