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How to buy Dedicated Email Servers for Bulk Mailing

July 15, 2022, Written by 1 comment

In the age of digitalization, email marketing seamlessly integrates business and connects clients at will and speed, effectively. Our Dedicated Email Servers allow to send bulk mails.

Perhaps, email campaigns are helpful in driving traffic to websites, increase in bootstrap leads, growth of business, etc However, email marketing somewhere strongly relies on powerful and enrich email servers like SMTP server, SMTP relay, and SMTP service.

Emails servers are types of internet based stations that assist in sending emails, even bulk emails, to the destination using different protocols. In simple lingo, it  is software that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another using SMTP.

When sending emails over different locations, you promptly need unlike servers only, if the chosen server is not delivering services at that particular location/place/country. 

Benefits of buying email server for bulk mailing services

You can easily buy tremendous types of email servers online with heave of ocean features, high-performance, etc. However, if you’re not thinking of buying a server for your bulk email, rather than hiring an email server provider, as you have a ready-to-move alternative. 

Following are some light-weight benefits of buying email server: 

  1. Cost Effective: While you pay for buying a server and also intelletaling tweaks and configuration works, it is better to hire a mail server hosting provider that seems cost effective. 
  1. Prompt Marketing: No doubt, it helps in marketing with faster, less-time taking, and instant reporting features. Also, ite leads companies to generate more conversions for their business.
  1. Customized Campaign: Whether building emails for newbie welcome or updating with stock availability to something new. You can build flexible options and features. 

Probably there may be more benefits, as moving further. Let’s get to know how to buy a dedicated/speed-centric email server for mass mailing. 

Step-by-Step Guide to buy dedicated email servers 

  1. Select your Server Location

Generally, it starts with choosing an appropriate location for server functions that gives you speed, high-performance, and dedicated opportunity to target your pre-defined audiences at will. 

At time4servers, currently we are giving you mail servers for Germany (Frankfurt), USA (St. Louis), China (Hong Kong), and France (Strasbourg) with high-capabilities of email server performance.

  1. Select and Configure Server/Hardware

It’s the most important selection-type you have to make! Considering the ocean of web-based mailing server providers you may find plethora of server capabilities and unified hardware with excellent features. 

Here, at our hub, we give you three utmost reliable servers for your mailing functions that are literally good for small and large enterprise scales. You can opt for ‘Basic Server’, ‘Regular Server’, and ‘Premium Server’ options. 

  1. Opt-Effective Plans

Usually the cost of a mailing server is high! You can’t think of buying at an affordable price. However, there are minor professionals out there that offer you your piece of mind i.e. customized mailing server solutions. 

However, time4servers mail server plans are affordable and significantly optimal in performance. Their server setup prices are starting from $100 to $200. 

  1. Check Support 

Now, that’s important too! You know luckily falling with pitfalls somewhere in the middle of process could misspend your work entirely. Thus at that time a gigantic level of support is necessary to out you and solve the situation. 

Here at time4servers you are getting 24/7/365 days of full-fledged technical support service. 

Bulk Mailing Server @Uncompromised Speed

Are you a small venture, startups, or an established enterprise? Looking for a fast, secure, and undisturbed mailing server for bulk email? If yes, then Time4Servers is one of the best from the path-breaking mailing service provider. 
Opt the strongest mail server software to experience the world-class mailing service at affordable prices.

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