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COVID-19 Pandemic: Bulk Email Marketing Best Practices

November 18, 2020, Written by 0 comment

The worldwide spread virus spelled as Coronavirus (Covid-19) drastically impacted every scale size business around the globe. Especially the marketing companies involved in digital email marketing technology have faced contingent problems dealing with business continuity to the throttle. 

Sure, this pandemic changed everything from then to now and currently the market situation is like floating water, can be drowned anytime, much similar to the stock market (unexpected).

With nothing changed, pandemic in-box, bulk email marketing strategy doesn’t work as worked before, means business have to think differently, closer to people emotion, and something fragtive. 

All I am saying is that marketers have to do something unique with email content, as covid-19 destruction has eaten many professional minds and businesses. It will be hard to go on, educating, and promoting ideas with old email marketing strategies.

Today, people are very emitting this virus, the curse of it on the repo, so whatever you are doing, think twice. I recommend adding faith, and promised content in email sending will help in driving people’s attention and that could possibly lead to your business goals. 

Here are some Covid-19 email marketing practices email content that you can possibly attain ideas for your email marketing strategy. Read and learn!

i) The Service Orientated Email:

Services like outer dining, flights, entertainment, playing etc in Covid-19 times being harder for business survival. Some popular british brands straight-forward prioritize people’s health and safety thus closing their shops, stopping due services in advance through informing emails. 

ii) The Brand Friend Email:

Fast Company calls this the “We’re in this together” email. This email shows that business isn’t important for them as important as their customers are! Sending these emails could result in long term customer engagement. 

iii) The Obviously Auto-Generated Email:

Here’s the ultimate strategy you can think and adore email marketing – thik of drip campaigns. Drip campaigns work as a robot for sending or pushing that strategic emails closer to its customers via automated functions that are triggered based on specific timelines or user actions.

These are automated emails already designed and sent when a special and specific action is triggered such as welcome emails, new arrivals, follow-up emails, wishing emails, etc.

Hence, these are some fine-tuned email marketing practices you can observe in the items of pandemic. Moreover, things to consider before send your next email – those are – 

  • Avoid Covid-19 Oversaturation
  • Don’t Fatigue Your Audience
  • Understand That Your Audiences’ Experience Differs

And you will be surprised to know that, In India, the day the lockdown started, an immense increase has been noticed in email bounce rate. 

Here are some glimpse we have collected for you: 

Average email benchmarks for all industries during March & April 2020

Average open rate: 21.7%Average open rate: 21.2%
Average click-through rate: 2.78%Average click-through rate: 3.10%
Average click-to-open rate: 12.8%Average click-to-open rate: 14.6%
Average unsubscribe rate: 0.13%Average unsubscribe rate: 0.14%
Average bounce rate: 0.71%Average bounce rate: 0.86%

In case, it happens with your email marketing efforts, resulting in poor performance, investment goes into the waste! Wait there still a way – improve your email deliverability rates, strong IP reputation, and 99.99% inbox delivery thinking of SMTP Server For Email Marketing. Add power in your email marketing!

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