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Everything You Need To Know When You Buy SMTP Server For Email Marketing

October 27, 2020, Written by 0 comment

An email SMTP server is like an effective craft work, your idea of design gets succeed if it’s correct otherwise it fails, as a result. 

Similarly, SMTP server runs on various protocols, it can be POP or IMAP principals used to transmit and validate your email structure parameters. When you hit the send button, the entire data present in the email including address, IP, and others is stored onto SMTP server and checking for errors, if the all-things matches and looks good, then your message transfer to the different server for sending purpose, otherwise it fails and return back to you. 

However, there are amature kinds of free and paid SMTP servers outsourced over the internet. Using those, you can think of creating a winning and champion email campaign. 

But, it is advisable to consider a paid SMTP server or creating your own SMTP server for email marketing. 

Today in this blog we will learn about everything necessary to understand before you opt for SMTP server or buying smtp server. 

This guide will help you make accurate and measured decisions while buying an SMTP server. 

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Understanding Free And Paid SMTP Servers

1. Free SMTP Server

Google and Microsoft mailing services are good examples of free SMTP servers. Generally, these providers offer either complete solution or featuring partial functions such as free SMTP server for outbound emails and free POP3 server for inbound emails or free IMAP server for both outbound and incoming emails.

The only restriction or we think a serious limit is that these providers gives is only suitable for sending a limited number of emails. Thus, which is why, we don’t recommend you to go with a free SMTP mailing solution. 

2. Paid SMTP Server

Due to advancement of technology and hikes in innovation, digitally there are infrared email providers you can find. They all provide you with a paid yet affordable and powerful SMTP server service with added feature benefits like instant activation, no restriction on emails sending, dedicated IPs and much more. 

Time4Servers SMTP server plans are highly contingent and powerful for handling and delivering mass mailing solutions. With their instant activation, accurate configuration, and 24 by 7 technical support you can create a winning SMTP server for your email marketing, at lower price, guarantee.

But, why do I need to create a centralized SMTP server? What are the benefits/advantages?

Benefits Of Running Your SMTP Server

Let’s sum up the benefits of using dedicated SMTP servers with the following points.

  • No Restrictions and Limitations
  • Detailed Analytical Based Reports
  • 100% Security of Your Email List
  • No Hedge, Hassle-Free Process
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Pocket-Friendly

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Things To Consider Before Buying SMTP Server

Wait there! Look at these foolproof points before buying SMTP server – 

  1. Explore all features: Briefly eye onto the features you’re getting in return paying penny. Read and understand with the offering provided by email service providers. Also incur your mind asking questions like – is it helpful? 
  1. Functions Offered: What are the capabilities of your SMTP server? What it can offer? Mainly, the popular SMTP server provider offers complete email server solutions. It may include unlimited email sending, dedicated IPs, instant activation and server configuration, etc.
  1. Security Breach: Beside detention any errors, fraud, or data-breaching, what’s the level of security that comes with an email server is important since increase in the cyber security crime. Time4Servers uses latest latency softwares and practices to reduce the deceit and deliver a 100% secured SMTP server.
  1. Level of Support: What happens when your server takes a long time to support? Or facing troubleshooting in configuring email servers? Their round-the-clock technical support feature comes to secure your problems. Check for 24/7 support features offered by email providers.

You may sure enhance the performance of your email deliverable when buying a dedicated SMTP server. Many benefits come in line considering paid smtp servers for mass email sending. The information listed here will genuinely help you in wide-way!

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