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December 24, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Bulk Mailing Server – Overview

Sending one email or two is a lighter task, consumes less memory, requires little server, but, when it comes to sending mass/bulk emails to recipients such as promotional emails, transactional messages, running campaigns for months etc may strictly require a high performance mailing server.

Mailing server takes care of the job of sending and collecting data from triggered mailing campaigns. Right from generating reports to monitoring each and every email is feasible done with a good mailing server.

Having a good email mailing server setup results in entail outcomes such as quick and responsive email deliverables, easy-to-use plugins or panels, complete accurate reports, and much more.

How Bulk Mailing Server Helps Your Business?

In business, emails play an important role, emals assist in capturing potential segments of audiences and when putting into action i.e. running campaigns may help in generating business.

Here are some major hands-on advantages of hiring bulk mailing server provider:

  • Independent mailing solutions as per needs
  • Facility to send not hundred but thousands of emails in a single go. 
  • Dedicated IP setup according to email preference.
  • Finely tuned bulk email server to host database, web, and email applications.
  • Delivery of a huge array of various customized solutions.
  • Trump varying clients requirement related to VPS, dedicated, cloud and shared server.
  • Perfect solution for both commercial and transactional emails.

Benefits of Bulk Mailing Server

Most organizations don’t have time and intellectual resources to invest into setting up bulk mailing servers, there they approach readymade mail server setup with pre-loaded configuration, optimizing server performance.

Following are some intuitive benefits of using pre set-up bulk mailing server from Time4Servers

  • Save your small business money
  • Develop your customer base
  • Leads to better targeting
  • Increased customer receptivity

See how over 100000 customers are using Time4Servers to save time and get to the inbox. Take a small look to our pocket-friendly mailing server plans

Powerful Features of Our Bulk Email Server

Did you know?

Our mailing server just got powerful features! Get it and enjoy without the hassle

1. AI Send-Time Optimization: Not certain what is the best time at which you ought to send your email crusades? Let our calculations make sense of it for you. Kick back and appreciate a 5 to 15% expansion in open rates.

2. Beautiful Templates: Create beautiful and highly engaging email campaigns with our elegant templates supporting easy drag and drop builder. You may also pick a responsive template from our rich directory.

3. Rich A/B Testing: Focus on deliverability with our rich A/B testing mechanism. Constantly improve your results, get intellect data to drive the solid decisions, and consistently improve email campaigns.

4. Email Hosting: Try Time4Server affordable and cheap email hosting service for small businesses. Revamp your business in the digital marketing platform with the solitaire email hosting solutions.

5. Affordable Mailing: What else you are looking for – pocket-friendly solution. To make our service more deadly and supportive, we offer the most affordable mailing service at a competitive price.

Interested in getting more out of your marketing campaign? Want to rely on a powerful mailing server? Try Time4Servers Mailing Server at an affordable price with exclusive benefits like free mail server setup, configuration, and monitoring.

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