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Bulk Email Marketing Server

October 11, 2022, Written by 0 comment

The agenda of promoting products and services increases with email Bulk Email Marketing Server.

At least cost, email marketing prompts generating high revenue when it is done right! It also saves your time, money, efforts, and resources other than any form of marketing practices.

But there are few things to consider by the email marketer or campaign manager i.e. mailing list, IP reputation, and mailing server.

Mailing servers play an important role in email marketing. A good and supportive mailing server helps achieve email marketing goals.

But, when do you need a pro mailing server? I mean there are a lot of free email server agents like Gmail and Yahoo function well.

Generally, large businesses and hosting companies required to set up a professional mailing server due to most work carried via bulk email services.

In a day almost hundreds of thousands of emails are being drafted, sent, and monitored and in between that heavy loads goes server-side, so a powerful, robust, and fast mailing server is required.

In general, these cannot be done with a free email provider as you will face many unwanted points of restrictions.

Just remember! “An email marketing server is very different from the normal outgoing mail servers associated to free email providers”

Features of Bulk Email Server

Time4Servers provide needy solution like Bulk Email Marketing Server for small, medium, and large enterprises with seamless features such as

  1. Manage mass email newsletter and bulk email campaigns with ease from your computer.
  2. Create any number of email marketing lists and contacts, even verify with our email verification tool.
  3. Robust and intellect data results from our software.
  4. Create beautiful and highly engaging email campaigns with our elegant templates supporting easy drag and drop builder.
  5. Focus on deliverability with our rich A/B testing mechanism. Constantly improve your results, get intellect data to drive the solid decisions, and consistently improve email campaigns.
  6. With its many features, your mailing is likely to fall into the “Inbox”.
  7. The program sends emails quickly at any speed, depending on your SMTP server.
  8. No restriction on sending one or hundreds emails in a day or month, send unlimited emails.
  9. It can easily opt for smart and advanced technologies as we have a perfect blend of expertise and dedicated professionals.
  10.  Our bulk mailing server comes with saving, at least cost, affordable pricing hence, easy-to-buy.

Benefits of Setting Up Your Own Mailing Server

With so and so, configuring and setting up your own mailing server are very much helpful in daunting and meeting everyday mailing solutions.

Here at Time4Servers, we help you to set up your own exclusive par powerful and super-fast bulk mailing server at reasonable cost. Buying mailing server from us help you enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • No per user mailbox charges
  • No waiting to add new users
  • Printers and faxes and other special emails
  • Completed control and robust security
  • Get faster email deliver experience

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Of course, businesses should use professional mailing servers to tackle and trump every email challenge, etc. With our affordable mailing server solution businesses can easily get faster inbox email delivery, prompt technical support, niche panel for full control and more.

Still looking for the product of your choice? Stop wasting time and explore concentrated mailing server possibilities.

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