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Best Server Migration Services Providers in 2021

January 7, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Server Migration in Cloud Computing has become a niche demand for private as well as public serving IT companies since the last ten years. 

Server migration helps website owned businesses to transfer, export, and host old databases into the whole new platform or server they opt for.

Statistics in cloud computing “shows the market share held by the leading cloud computing vendors worldwide in 2015, 2016 and the year to June 2019 in which Microsoft took in the greatest portion of cloud computing revenue, controlling 11.7 percent of the market” – According to Statista

Around the world, IT dominates the technology and lifestyle of the companies. There are many firms opt to use cloud migration services providers to assist in ease movement on-premises workloads to public cloud environments.

In case you are looking for the best server migration services provider in this new year. We have mentioned 2021 year best cloud migration providers that offer affordable server migrating on any on-demand platforms.

Here’s the top five companies across the globe.

1. RiverMeadow

Objective: Do More with Cloud Confidence!

RiverMeadow offers fixed-price and lesser risk cloud migration services faster. They have excellent management team prompt to migrate your workloads to any cloud faster, with less risk and at unrivalled price-points.

2. Time4Servers

Objective: To most reliable and affordable server migration solution to IT folks

Migrate your workloads (counting an apps, database, and others) to Time4Servers using proven tools and run your apps or (whatever) with your favourite server distribution. Time4Servers’s migration or transfers services seamlessly give you supreme success within affordable prices.

Linux server migration service provider currently have support for Data migration, WordPress migration, Email server migration, CMS migration, and Web hosting migration with comprehensive support for 24/7.

3. Rackspace

Objective: Realize the full value of cloud

Rackspace offers needy, enriched, and convenient cloud services to businesses to grow new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and build the future. They have been dealt in the cloud platform since 2000 and 2500+ cloud engineers across Linux, Windows, and VMware.

4. MindTree

Objective: All-round cloud services that helps future

MindTree is an Indian based multinational IT and consulting company working towards a brighter future and marvelous in delivering prominent cloud migration and modernization services along with Cloud operations and management and Cloud advisory services. 

5. Cognizant

Objective: 30 days to the cloud

Cognizant widespread digital systems and technology Cloud services help business accelerate to move to the cloud in as little as 30 days. They render primer cloud enablement services using proven methodology, proprietary tools and industry expertise.

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Nonetheless, all listed cloud migration services providers are awesome and cater cloud migration needs very-well. Coming to the price, little varies from provider to providers as change in the distribution, strategy, and implementation.

In the end, you don’t have to try harder for server migration or related to server services as these best server migration company perform well and have perfect solutions.

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