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Best Email Marketing Apps and Tools for Shopify

October 10, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Incepted in 2004, mainly 16 years ago, Shopify nearly being the heart of millions of thousands of people, community, and enterprise including small professionals and startups, even yet so – a brilliant ecommerce solution platform cum brand.

In India, Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms that handsomely yields businesses and ideal innovators to turn-up their ideas into ecommerce i.e. buy and sell with everything! 

From selling everywhere to managing anything and marketing your business to becoming an independent business owner, Shopify also offers the best email marketing services in no-time to help getting closer to your leads, potential customers. 

Email marketing can offer great results to business with recherché leads, improve conversions, and much more. Underline the features that shopify email marketing apps offer – significantly email marketers build solitaire ecommerce email campaigns, also with advanced technology tools integrated in it, making the task simpler. 

About Shopify Email Marketing Apps

When businesses seriously tried continuously to improve their sales, business growth and survival chance at that time, Shopify launched their own email marketing app in November 2019 free-to-use until October 2020 (which is now of course paid).

After exhausting the free-email sending limit to a total of 2.5K emails per month, you’ll be charged $1 USD for every 1,000 emails sent.

But yet, that is not so fragile to offer pretty much everything as their email marketing app is pretty good but pretty much limited. There are only a few basic templates to choose from and the customization options. In one word, don’t allow for much creative freedom at all.

If you’re the person already trying Shopify email marketing apps, and now in search of something extra that offers you really something popping up email marketing solutions. Here we have just found the best email marketing tools for Shopify. 

Of course you may nail your email marketing efforts. Keep reading…!

Best Email Marketing Tools for Shopify: Worth for Small Business

Proposed to small business, here you may strengthen your email marketing strategy with these powerful and all-time superb email marketing tools for Shopify. 

1. Omnisend – Built for Ecommerce

omnisend shopify price list

It’s the leading and top marketing automation app for Shopify. Omisend consists of advanced email marketing features set to offer you personalized, omnichannel messaging via email, SMS and more channels.

It prompts single-click installation, easy to use, and outstanding support make this shopify email marketing tool more strong from others presented in this list.

> Try Omnisend for free for 14 days

2. GetResponse – Rich in Features and Automations

Getresponse for Email marketing

Getresponse email marketing solutions focus on getting more opens, clicks, and sales! And that is what you are looking for – this is the best tool to takeaway. Choose over oceans of email marketing offerings that are best suitable for your product and services at simplicity, without breaking the bank. 

They offer unbeatable prices for all-in-one marketing software starting from basic pricing package to custom one. 

> Try GetResponse for free for 30 days

3. ActiveCampaign – Sophisticated Workflows + CRM

Lesser approach to email marketing but cater greater results in bringing better engagement to your shoppers across their purchase journey. Thanks to deep data integration making this email marketing software standout from the market. 

Store owners can readily take advantage of its dynamic features such as Active Campaign’s CRM, dynamic segments and tagging, personalized email content, advanced automations, etc. 

>Try ActiveCampaign for free for 14 days

4. Drip – Automations for Every Customer Action

shopify ecommerce marketing with drip

If your dream is to cater to all-independent funnels coming to your ecommerce, performing catering action, and abandoning cart or else – ther Drop is the tool you love. Drip is your ecommerce marketing engine scantily designed to build personalized customer experiences, drive more revenue, and take your marketing strategy to the next level with this hailing email marketing software. 

> Try Drip for free for 14 days

5. Sendinblue – Lots of Features at a Low Cost

Shopify and Sendinblue Plugin

If you’re accused of the budget, then you must try supreme budget-conscious Shopify affiliate email marketing tool offered by Sendinblue stands out as a feature-reach email marketing service. Originally a transactional email provider, enter into the ecommerce solution wide spreading into the multichannel space by offering SMS in addition to email.

Out of other popular email marketing tools listed here, this one comes with a low-cost feature. Hence, small shopify store owners would love this app for sure!

>Try Sendinblue for free

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