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Best Email Marketing (Bulk Mailing) Software and Services

February 16, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Email marketing software is a very critical and helpful resource that assists your email campaign in going in the right direction. 

Contrary, from the scratch it is hard to measure and continue the practice of email marketing. 

Definitely, at some point, you need help from resources and tools accredited to bulk mailing assistance. 

These software or tools help in a market in a variety of ways. For instance, delivering analytics and information for critical decision making, refining lists for spam, etc.

There are many email marketing service providers who offer contingent tools and solutions related to each and every bulk mailing requirement. 

You just need to explore the features you will get from them with the constraints of ‘free’ and ‘paid’

In order to save your time and money, we’ve given you the five best email marketing tools (Bulk mailing software and services) and all of them are free. 

What Is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software or tools are kind of service-based software and resources that marketers use for email advertisement. 

The basic aim of using these divergent resources for email marketing is to mitigate the email marketing risks and assist in the easy mode of sending emails. 

Furthermore, this software performs many crucial tasks such as email templates, email verification, IP reputation checker, detailed analytics, graphical data, a dashboard for monitoring, and much more. 

Characteristics of Bulk Mailing Services 

In case your email advertisement agenda concerns a mailing solution, bulk mailing services help you in this way. The software helps you set up your dedicated bulk mailing server with multiple IPs in rotation with featured rich support. 

This helps you in sending bulk emails with the flexibility of your choice. Furthermore, these services are super fast, blazingly you can send hundreds of emails in a minute with accurate reports and delivery measures.

Following are some features of bulk mailing software:

  • Feature Rich Templates
  • Rich A/B Testing
  • AI Send-Time Optimization
  • Backend Support
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Admin Dashboard 

Get the best-managed mailing servers at the best price! 

Best Email Marketing Software From Time4Servers 

Email marketing software changes as marketer requirements vary. It is hard to figure out what email mailing resources you need at what time. 

Thereby most businesses hire email marketing partners which offer them absolutely everything from email template design to bulk mailing server management

However, these two following tools are in common utilization by the manager and the digital marketer. 

1. Email Extraction Software

An email extractor is a program or web application that is able to find and extract email addresses and other related data from email, online, or even offline document sources.

Time4Servers Email Extractor is designed to cater to email marketers’ needs. You can easily extract emails from Facebook and Google Maps. 

Benefits of email extractor tools: 

  • Saves Time and Efforts 
  • Increase Accuracy and ROI 
  • Auto-Saves List 
  • Improves Marketing Campaigns Reach 
Try our email extractor software! 

2. Email Verification Software

Email verification tool or email verifier software refers to determining the workable and non-workable email addresses from the provided data.

An email verifier gives results based on a variety of segments and syntax. With our email verification tool, we promise you never get abused email addresses.

In addition, you can easily validate your email addresses (single or bulk) and get a detailed report about your emails with the best accuracy that could be said as up to 99 percent.

Benefits of using email verification tool:

  • Reduces email bounces 
  • Shows accurate campaign insights 
  • Improves customer engagement 
  • Increases campaign ROI 
  • Saves efforts in fixing bounces 
  • Prevents deliverability issues 
Get started with our email verification software! 


Email marketing is a superb and fantastic way to cater product and business ideas while investing little money. When doing right it could double your sales. 

Email marketing software is a way to create winning and efficient email campaigns and help in post-measure actions. 

If you haven’t used it yet, try one of them today and share your experience with us 🙂 

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