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What is App Store Optimization? Beginners Guide to ASO in 2022

April 13, 2022, Written by 0 comment

The app store optimization guide is written for the beginners who showed determinant/interest knowing about ASO – ultimately, the guide briefs you about the benefits of app store optimization, its ranking factors, and how ASO implement for app gaining acquisition. 

What is App Store Optimization? 

Application Store Optimization around the world and broadly known as ASO is an interaction of improving application perceivability inside the application stores and expanding application transformation rates.

Generally, the major application stores are ‘Apple App Store’ for iOS and ‘Google Play Store’ for Android.

What are the benefits of App Store Optimization?

Like the websites, mobile applications also need exposure in the app stores.

And, ASO helps them boost applications, improve search visibility, increase organic downloads, etc. 

Also, there are many significant benefits of utilizing ASO which is mentioned below:

Improve Visibility

The clients won’t utilize your application except if they can discover and download it. ASO makes your application more noticeable to the clients.

Increase Conversion

Another most significant motivation to look for ASO service is to reach out to the targeted users who have shown comparative interests previously. This must be finished by an enthusiastic ASO expert

The team will discover the keywords utilized by the focused on crowd and set the track.

Boost Organic Download

ASO benefits

An all around arranged ASO methodology will ensure that the application can connect with the focused on crowd and persuade them to download it. For this, a technique is detailed, carried out, and refreshed routinely.

Minimize User Acquisition Cost

Through app store optimization one can superemly notice big cut-down in user acquisition cost. A well-planned ASO strategy covers all the aspects of ASO success, therefore, it minimizes your cost at glance and offers saturated success.

Reach Global Audience

ASO opens another measurement to contact a worldwide crowd and furnish it with anticipated administrations. This advancement administration will give your application the correct stage to globalize your business.

ASO Ranking Factors

ASO strategy and the execution is all performed onto these two major app store platforms. 

i) Google Play Store

ii) Apple App Store

Apple App Store Ranking Factors:

  • Application Name
  • App URL
  • App Subtitle
  • Keyword field
  • In-App Purchase
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Updates
  • Downloads and Engagement
  • Some Hidden factors

Google Play Store Ranking Factors:

  • App Title
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • In-App Purchase
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Updates
  • Downloads and Engagement
  • Some Hidden factors

App Store Optimization Process

For years ASO worked effectively and efficiently. Honoring in 2022, there’s no glance of changes notices so far. However, for each application may there be different strategies, but the process remains unchanged. 

Here’s the glimpse of how app store optimization carried. 

  1. Establish a clear app store optimization strategy
  1. Pick the right name for your app
  1. Know how to do keyword research for your mobile app
  1. Write your app description
  1. Get the right App Icon by A/B testing
  1. Prepare App Screenshots & Videos
  1. App Listing and Localization
  1. App Ratings & Reviews

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Wrapping Up…

There are many tools and app store optimization tips and tricks to follow to hack your application faster. 

All you are concerned about is the planning and execution part. It is necessary to manage and analyze reports of every milestone process.

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