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9 Powerful Digital Marketing Methods That Increase Your eCommerce Sales

February 17, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Selling a product to a non-favorable visitor is something like a non-tasty food you don’t like to eat at all. 

Perhaps, a newly opened ecommerce store may find it relevant and put together a basic strategy to conquer the situation. 

It’s a fact that every online store wants to increase traffic and conversions, by mean, driving ROI and so they do a holistic ecommerce marketing strategy. 

Oh dear! All you need is a sound marketing strategy can help you build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately increase online sales.

Their digital marketing comes with many benefits and when done right, it helps ecommerce stores achieve specific objectives. 

Going digital for your ecommerce website means the pre-function activities of your store will now be handled via internet marketing flaws. 

But, a little, it could be devastating to decide on which marketing tactics you should try.

There we have put together powerful digital marketing methods or just they are effective marketing tactics that wisely pull your ecommerce sales number to high. 

What is ecommerce marketing?

According to Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase.

You can use it to promote your online store visibility or to drive more sales for specific products. Below is an overview of a few practical ideas to try.

9 ecommerce marketing ideas to increase online sales

The fact is there are dozens of hacks and ideas to increase online sales, but, these are handpicked and proven very powerful for brands and small online stores including startups – though helpful for your ecommerce store as well. 

#1. Integrate Instagram 

The one of the most powerful and effective ways to boost your ecommerce sales is integrate with Instagram (with over 500 million daily active users) is one of the fastest growing social apps around, connecting consumers, influencers, and brands.

Wait! Instagram is a unique built engagement pulling platform so advised to take compelling photos, use hashtags strategically, and post at the right times will help build a large Instagram following of people who are interested in your products.

#2. Launch a Facebook Store

I say ‘Facebook’ is heaven when it comes to the marketplace, as it has 30+ billion active users on here, it’s a perfect extra place to showcase your offering. 

The best thing about Facebook is that it is pretty straightforward to start making sales with no strategic action required and very convenient to manage.

#3. Capture More Email Subscribers

Having a soundful ecommerce store developed makes your customer or visitor feel comfortable and convenient in shopping. I mean, offering more than just your product with elegant visuals make it more compelling and strategic. 

If you ask how to do that, I recommend signing up for an email list when someone first visits your site. To begin with email advertising, effectively advance your bulletin, blog and some other email catch endeavors to get however many subscribers as you can.

And the reason why you should do that 17% of digital marketing spend happens in email, but it contributes 24% of revenue-generation. 

#4. Improve Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the famine practices to enrich and anticipate your sales! An effective plus targeted email campaign delivers utmost diligent sales-pitch results. And here’s some examples of improving your email campaign:

  • Send an invite email when a client makes a buy. 
  • Give selective promotion codes and unconditional presents. 
  • Send customary bulletins to caution endorsers of new markdown offers, item tips, and, when proper, organization news. 
  • Offer relevant content to assist customers with taking advantage of their recently bought items.

#5. Send Wishlist Reminder Emails

What happens when you send reminder emails? Reminder emails are part of email marketing practice to anticipate sales for your ecommerce store. With it, it encourages your customers or even first-time visitors to convert into buyers. 

Actually, wishlist reminder email is closely related to the abandoned cart email. 

#6. Engage Online Store Visitors With Live Chats

Every single visitor is worth a dollar! Don’t you agree

I mean there are many versatile ways to engage with site visitors and customers outside of emails. For instance, considering live chat to engage with shoppers on your site. 

In the context of psychology, written messages chat instantly powered up shoppers to show delicate interest on your page or encourage to learn more. 

#7. Start a Content Marketing Program

It is equally important as showcasing your product to educate your shoppers something unique and talking about trends. 

Each online business store ought to consider writing for a blog consistently to interface with customers and to rank better in web search.

Well, other than blogging there are other brilliant ways you can approach for content marketing tactics such as –

  • Start a podcast to feature your expertise or build a stronger community
  • Guest post on other websites
  • Create long-form content and guides to help customers use your products more effectively

#8. Optimize Your Product Pages

Wow! I personally loved this idea. For many digital marketers CRO helps you identify problem areas on your site, especially eCommerce websites. 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of optimizing your website for on-site conversions and increased sales. Also, CRO associates with funnel marketing i.e. improving customer buying journeys. 

#9. Bonus One! Optimize For Mobile 

Wiat! Is that a bit important? 

By 2021 more than half of all online shopping is gigantly expected to happen on mobile devices, according to Statista. It means, there should be decremental seen in desktop browsing and incremental in mobile shopping. 

And there’s an advantage for online store owners; getting more than responsive design and designing your site with mobile visitors in mind from start to finish.

Embrace Your Online Store

2021 is here, it’s time to embrace your ecommerce site with the enrapturing technology and some of these brilliant and powerful digital marketing ideas. 

These ideas are insane enough to drive sales, increase traffic, and brand awareness. Moverover, professional seo service providers can help you in these things. Go on, do it in action and tell us which one actually helps you most 🙂

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