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5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Do Email Verification

June 9, 2021, Written by 0 comment

It would not be wrong to say that email verification is equally important as accounting audit for companies. 

As accounting is the backbone of the business thereby email verification is cornerstone for a successful email campaign. 

However, running an email campaign leaving email verification in mind is inferior gameplay in the dark. You don’t know what you’re hitting or even if you’re close to the target.

Remember! Using email verification services helps fight you against unknown hurdles and increases the chance at success. 

Email Verification Explained

In business, all the directive functions are triggered to one thing i.e. goals and objectives. 

Thereby all the stakeholders mutually work to achieve that common goal. 

Email marketing is somewhat like promoting products, ideas, or services (goal) and email campaigns are (common practice) to achieve the objective. 

However, email marketing is used for a variety of purposes! 

Whatever your goal to satisfy, building a subscriber or contact list is essential for effective marketing and engagement.

In the middle of this, email verification ensures that your contact list addresses are clean, accurate, and error-free, thereby those screened emails are active (good-to-go) and they belong to the people you want to reach. 

Also, email validation tools flagged emails as spam, protect your sender reputation or your IP address and prevent being blocked or blacklisted. 

The Benefits of Verifying Email Addresses For Business 

Till here you majestically acknowledge the frequent practice benefit of email verification. 

Now, read more benefits pertaining to why your business needs to practice email verification. 

Here’s the five major reasons opting email verification by companies: 

No.1 – Email confirmation protects you from abuses and malignant connections by looking at the validity of senders. Numerous domains and email addresses utilized by programmers or cheats are taken from dormant records or were made as of late.

No.2 – An awful sender score can influence how your address is assessed by spam channels and IP blockers. One of the fundamental explanations behind a sender score being decreased is the quantity of bounce rate your active email gets.

No.3 – As indicated by research led by the Content Marketing Institute, in excess of 80% of B2B advertisers use email to stay up with the latest and direct effort. Email verification refines your contact list with the goal that you can fragment drives as per where they are in the purchasing cycle.

No.4 – This furnishes you with significant information that will get rid of latent endorsers and uninterested leads. The time saved can be spent shutting as opposed to pursuing cold leads.

No.5 – Using email verification means saving time, hard-work, and money and prevention of fraud email list buy. Actually, this puts your marketing efforts into a definitive direction.


Email marketing needs a diverse strategy and actionable plan pushing at success. Taking help of email verification is an authentic and reliable way to build successive email campaigns in marvel time. 

Also, using such a type of email service with a comprehensive verification process built-in allows you to put your energy and money where they will do the most good i.e. quantify your Return on Investment (ROI).

You focus on building your business, and your email service will handle the rest. Try our email verification software for your next email campaign with free-trial benefits. 

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