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5 Common Challenges of Email Marketing for Online Stores + (How To Overcome Them)

January 17, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Running an online store is hard and managing the customer is not equal at all. So check the challenges to run email marketing. Let’s check 5 common challenges of email marketing for online stores.

There are various things to look out for and those are not as easy as one might imagine. 

However, you can consolidate most of the actions but most of them can only be achieved via email marketing

Email marketing for online stores is a good way to market and promote your brand and get benefited only when done correctly. 

For beginners, it is both a tool and the least-cost marketing effort to promote products and services without anticipating a tough workout. 

There is no doubt that email marketing provides an umbrella of benefits to the accredited brand. By continuous sending of emails – NOT daily, but periodically, adding value to your customer’s inbox, you can not only increase sales but also build customer loyalty for the future.

But, email marketing is not as easy as it seems to us. I mean driving a winning email marketing poses challenges and when those critical barriers flinch, you could expect good results. 

In this blog, I am gonna show you the five most common challenges of email marketing for online stores simultaneously, we’ll look into their solutions.

5 Email Marketing Challenges And Their Solutions 

Empty mind, don’t know what’s going wrong with your email marketing? Perhaps, you might take interest in knowing these challenges that could ruin your email marketing campaign. 

Challenge 1 – Earning New Subscribers

Yeah, it’s definitely true! It is a really tough job for beginners or experienced market players to earn new subscribers. However, email marketing is greatly known to capitalize on subscribers list but often it is a slow growth marketing tactic. 

If I ask you…

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for email marketing? What would be your answer? 

Is it increasing open rates, retaining current subscribers, or earning new subscribers?

According to the report from Campaigner, ‘Earning new subscribers’ is the biggest concern for email marketers. 

email marketing challenges earning new subscribers


The simplest way to earn new subscribers is to clearly state the benefits to your customers. Defining your objective in simple language with a clear value proposition will help in answering the key concerns. And in this way, they can understand your idea regarding products and services, clearly.

Challenge 2 – Increasing Open Rates

The second big email marketers’ concern is whether they will open emails or not! If they open, will they like it or not. And, If not, what would be the reason?

Open Rate means Click Rate refers to the number of emails opened by the users out of the total number of emails sent. The success of click rates of email practices depends upon the relevancy of the subject matter for subscribers. This means you should look to drive encouraging subject headlines. 


There are a number of ways you could increase the open rates for your advertising emails. Give attention to writing alluring email subject titles as it’s the primary factor recipients will notice about your message.

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Challenge 3 – Improving Deliverability

Do most of your emails land on the spam folder instead of the inbox? Stress! How to resolve to spam landing email obstacles? It seems your email delivery rate is not as impressive as you expected. However, this is a serious concern to consider, and taking proper measures is readily required. Here’s the solution you might love to use. 


You may use multiple methods to improve email deliverability rates. First, avoid filtered spam words in your subject lines and comply with IP standard protocols. Second, try using an email warmup tool to optimize IPs and reputation along with optimizing delivery rates steadily. 

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Challenge 4 – Retaining Subscribers

Your subscribers register to your emails because they show interest in particular and expect to learn more from your brand. Thus, retaining them is important. 

Try to educate them periodically by sending them informative emails or updates about new arrivals or any special event. When you constantly anticipate with them, it builds trust and loyalty. 


The fine way to ensure that your current subscribers continue to subscribe is by means of sending out relevant emails to the proper target audience. This way you will have to correctly segment your email subscription list.

Challenge 5 – Low Click-Through Rates

When you send emails to your audience without email segmentation and avoiding critical elements such as mobile-friendly design, inefficient subject lines, and more, chances are particularly to show lower click-through rates. 


Email list segmentation not only lowers subscriber attrition but also with click-through rates. Send out emails asking subscribers if they need to maintain receiving your emails and offer a decide-out option.

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Email Marketing Challenges: Conclusion 

It’s probable that there will usually be new mail marketing challenges similar to any other advertising channel. But do not give up because you may constantly overcome such troubles by making the proper actions and watching your performance. Also, you can opt for professional email management services to let concern your all email marketing practices by an expert.

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