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10 Powerful Strategies to Increase Facebook Page Followers

March 31, 2022, Written by 0 comment

How to grow Facebook Page Followers, Social media platforms are heaven simultaneously an incredible growth-hacking manifesto for business and marketers. 

I remember my experience with Facebook, fighting for likes and followers for my business. 

However, it was a new start for me and my business. So, it is general. 

Often I have to put on something more than casual to attract an audience. 

And that’s the nerve…! 

For two months, my Facebook business page didn’t get more than 5% likes and so the followers remain in earlier condition <30. 

However, I was gradually posting new content with relevancy and applying different formats, but it ain’t working. 

But, today, it has been six months, my business has grown 600% counting page likes and a tremendous increase in followers. 

Want to know the secret behind this? 

I’m going to break down the true tactics that have helped me, master how to get followers on Facebook, and how to increase Facebook likes.

How to Get Facebook Followers?

There are many ways to get Facebook followers for your business and so likes. Here are the 10 powerful ways that I found useful: 

1. Run Facebook Ads

In case you’re attempting to sort out some way to get Facebook followers, the most favorable is Facebook Ads. 

You can run “Engagement” advertisements, which help you increment the perceivability of your brand on Facebook. 

Despite the fact that, to be completely forthright, any promotion you make will probably get an expansion of followers, even “Conversion” ads. 

2. Invite People to Like Your Page

The most effortless approach to expand Facebook followers is by welcoming individuals to like your page. The most reduced hanging natural fruit here is to welcome your loved ones.

When you begin running promotions for your store, Facebook will at times send you notices requesting that you welcome individuals to like your page.

3. Create Viral Content

Making and publishing ‘Viral content’ makes you popular in an hour and that’s true! 

As a result, people would actually participate in viral or tendy contents and show their interest by tagging or commenting, etc.  

4. Host A Giveaway 

Giveaways are an extraordinary method to build Facebook likes. 

You can have a giveaway on your site utilizing an instrument like Raffle copter. 

Offer your giveaway to specialty Facebook groups or discussions/forums, giveaway sites, and obviously on your Facebook page.

5. Partner with an Influencer

On the off chance that you need to realize how to get Facebook followers, the mystery here and there lies in influencer partnerships.

I am sure you must have seen ‘partnership’ ads in the form of sponsors or facebook itself narrated as a partnership form ads. 

6. Get Tagged by Other Facebook Pages

Getting natural whoops from greater Facebook pages can assist you with getting Facebook followers. However, this course of action could be tricky.

To get a holler, search for brands who consistently include their clients or other non-contending organizations via web-based media locales.

For example; Samsung sharing a picture taken on their phone that a customer posted on their Facebook page

7. Use Automation Tools to Boost Your Activity

Advertising automation can assist you with getting Facebook followers. 


Utilize an automation instrument (there are many available on the internet) to set up a progression of posts over the course of the following few days ahead of time. 

The more you post on Facebook, the more possibilities you’ll have of getting more Facebook adherents.

8. Add Your Social Media Links to Your Website

Having a website is another good factor to serve your customer more confidently! 

When adding social links to your website it opens the scope of getting shared your blog idea or products by visitors, also increases the fundamental to get followers and likes. 

9. Create More Video Content

Need to realize how to get Facebook likes? Try video marketing. 

Video content on Facebook normally gets more significant levels of commitment than pictures or text-based posts. Thus, more individuals will see your substance. 

The more watchers and Facebook likes you get, the higher the possibility that your substance will get found by potential new Facebook devotees.

10. Get Tagged by Customers

After an item has been conveyed to your client, send an email and request that they tag you when they post their photographs. 

Individuals regularly share their items via social media and getting labeled by clients can assist you with getting Facebook devotees… and more deals.

Final Thought 

Presently you have the lowdown on the best way to build followers on Facebook. 

There have been a great deal of huge changes occurring at Facebook in the course of recent months, however that doesn’t make Facebook any to a lesser extent a force to be reckoned with. 

Need any help? We are leading Social media marketing company in India manages all aspects of your social media needs at a decent price. 

Good Luck! 

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